Thoughts as the Cowboys are getting BLOWN OUT!

1) It is painfully obvious that the 2013 Dallas Cowboys are NOT a playoff team. We can say injuries, but it is more than that. It is their culture. The fish stinks from the head. I think 2013 may just be your last year, Red.

2) The injuries have become RIDICULOUS!!! Going all the way back to Training Camp to now the LB's. UNFREAKINGREAL!

3) Marinelli's magic has run out. Without Hatcher, they can't get any push or stop the run. If the Cowboys don't draft multiple Defensive linemen early AND late in the 2014 NFL Draft, Jerry Jones should be committed to a Mental Institution and put in one of those white straight-jacket thingys. We could embroider a Dallas Cowboys Star on the left breast for him.

4) What is wrong with this offense??? It's 35-10 late in the 3rd qtr., and I have not seen a slant yet. Every pattern seems to be a pattern that takes 4-5 seconds to develop. Nothing quick. Is it Romo?? I think part of it is, but still, Bill Callahan must be fired. Not demoted to anything, just GOOD-BYE Bill!!!!

5) I think this is the WORST Dallas Cowboys defense I have EVER seen play football, and I have watched then since 1977 when I was 10 years old. They are PUTRID, and if Sean Lee doesn't come back after they bye week, then you can really write off the Cowboys for 2013.

6) The Bye Week is coming up, which makes Monday morning the PERFECT time to FIRE offensive Offensive Coordinator Bill Callahan. Again, zero slants, no seam patterns, just long developing plays-no creativity. FIRE HIM, Mr. Jones!

7) Come draft time (or before the draft), due to impending cap reasons, I would seriously consider trading WR Dez Bryant to an AFC team if I could get a 1st and 3rd round pick for him. The Cowboys are facing cap-troubles, and need lots of picks to fix that PUTRID defense. Perhaps the Ravens would be a willing trade partner. That would give the Cowboys their 1st rounder (around #12), the Ravens 1st rounder (around #18,), the Cowboys second rounder (around #41), the Cowboys 3rd rounder (around #74) and the Ravens 3rd rounder (around #80). That would give them FIVE premium picks to get DT, DE, DT, OG, FS. They need ALOT of help. That #12 pick should possibly be Alabama FS Ha Ha Clinton-Dix.

8) Just remembered, they need DT's and DT's and DE's early. Forget Ha Ha Clinton-Dix. DT Louis Nix, DE Trent Murphy, DE Sean Oakman, OG OT Zach Martin, and CB Andre Hal with those FIVE picks in the first 3 rounds, if it were up to me.

9) Yes, I would trade Dez Bryant for a mid-1st and a mid-3rd, even though he is one of my favorite players. Still have Miles Austin, Terrance Williams, Dwayne Harris, and Cole Beasley-plus the force that is Gavin Escobar. I'd trade him because the team has MANY holes on defense to fill PLUS Dez is going to command BIG BUCKS that the Cowboys aren't going to have without getting WEAK at some other positions like CB. The 2014 NFL Draft is supposed to be the best draft in a decade, so it would be good timing to swing this deal. I think it would be a GOOD trade for both the Ravens and the Cowboys. Cowboys get cap-relief, and and extra 1st and 3rd to solidify the Defensive AND Offensive lines, and the Ravens get one of the top WR's in the game for their $100 Million QB, Joe Flacco. I say trade Dez, Romo isn't throwing the ball to him anyways.

10) I beginning to wonder if Jason Garrett is really a decent Head Coach or not. He's been really good with personnel the last few drafts (besides the Gavin Escobar pick), but dammit, his teams never seem to have that 'it' factor and crumble in big games. The thought of Jon Gruden leaving the ESPN Monday Night Football announcer's booth is very appealing to me at this point. Kill two guys who getting the birds with one stone, and replace both Bill Callahan AND Jason Garrett with Gruden. Hell, do it TOMORROW!!

11) I'm SICK of this same crap year after year after year. 18 years and counting since the last Super Bowl. Hey, at least we ain't fans of the Lions, who haven't won a championship since 1957.

12) I think when the Cowboys travel to face the Giants after the bye, the Giants will be 4-6, and will beat the Cowboys to tie the division at 5-6. The Cowboys defense CANNOT stop ANYBODY.

13) Perhaps Monte Kiffin isn't that good of a Defensive Coordinator after all.

14) Rob Ryan has got to be thinking, 'Jerry Jones, you are an idiot for firing me.'

15) The Roster limit, with all this NFL emphasis on "Safety", should be at least 63 players, with 55 getting to suit up. A few injuries these days, and ya don't have anyone to play.

16) It's gonna be a long rest of the season.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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