An open letter from a diehard fan to Garrett, Callahan, and every offensive player

I've sat and watched faithfully every game this year, and I've come to a few conclusions I hope you all see the same way.

1) our defense is putrid, due to injuries mostly, but regardless of the reasons, it's not likely to get any better the rest of the year. There aren't enough bodies left with enough talent collectively.

2) this means winning games is completely up to the offense. And you are completely capable of handling the responsibility. Here's a few suggestions for everyone:

- to Jason Garrett:

execution, or rather enforcement of it, is up to you. If a player drops a ball or doesn't at least fight for the ball, he's sitting for a play, then a series, then a quarter, etc. I don't care if it's Phillip tanner or Jason freaking witten. your players need to be enthusiastic about playing the game and confident in ther abilities. This is your department.

- mr Callahan:

1st- it's time to come back to the sideline. You are disconnected from your players, and not accountable for your actions. I was originally a proponent of you being up there because I thought the vantage point would be an advantage. Sadly, that isn't the case at all.

2nd- stop trying to limit Tony's turnovers. It leads to too many three and outs while we try a run up the gut or a three yard check down instead of testing single coverage. Our defense can't stop anyone with a whole field in front of them, the worst thing a turnover brings is our offense back to the field sooner, and possibly we could actually score more than 17 offensive points in a game. Right now we need to average 35 OFFENSIVE points per game minimum to stand a chance. It's not fair by any means but you're part of a team and it's time to do your part.

to the offensive players:

its time to stop looking like scared little boys trying to find goliath's weakness out there, and start bullying people. You've got just as much ability as your opponent. The winner every week simply wants it more. All the time!

Balls in the air? Attack it!

Balls not coming to your side of the field? You'd better be running your route just like you are the primary option on the play.

Run play? Your man better be on the ground or 25 yards from the play until you hear the whistle. There is no finished block until you hear that whistle.

the rest of this year, the offense is all we have. It's time for YOU to have 600 yards week in and week out.

as a fan I beg you, please don't let us down.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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