A Season of Failures


For those that have been around here or on other Blogs for a while, you guys know that I'm a glass-is-always-half-full kind of guy. In the first few games of the season and some of the failures that we have seen started to show their ugly heads, I had this point of view: "Too many injuries along the DLine makes it hard for Kiffin and he also needs more time to establish his D. Garrett also has some things to work with Callahan, but things look solvable."

Right now, my glass isn't half-full.

Today, marks the first time in the last 15 years in which I couldn't stand to continue to see the game. And in the last 15 years we have seen some really ugly football, so for me this marks an All-Time low.

That's a shame, and it pushed me to write this post as therapy. "Hello, I'm Chandus and I have a problem. And thanks for the space."

Staying healthy.

One of the common denominators when you have an injury riddled year, and you have a young roster, it's that you're going to have a relatively healthy following year.

Rationale and the Cowboys don't go hand-in-hand this year.

So, what's gone wrong. What hasn't? Right now, I don't believe in luck, after Ratliff's fiasco of a situation and seeing some players obviously still injured playing (like just a little while ago with Ware), how can I?

Right now, I'm with Ratliff, I don't trust the Medical Staff, the Front Office and the Coaches.

They aren't being smart regarding injuries, I don't know if they are forcing players in due to need or letting them play because they want to and they need them. BOTH things are wrong on many levels. Neither is the smart thing to do or let do.

Woicik has failed miserably at keeping the team healthy, the Front Office has failed to solve the issue and the Coaches have failed at being smart with injured players.

And the Front Office and Coaches failed miserably in another scenario, if you're going to get injuries, you better have depth, but what does the team have to show from the 2010, 2009 and 2008 Drafts? Dez Bryant and Sean Lee. Out of 25 draft choices those are the 2 guys that the team has kept.

That's how you end up with 17 players playing snaps along the DLine and 12 of them in their first year with the team.

Being fundamentally wrong.

This happens at so many areas, that covering it all would take too much time and my problems aren't that deep for this therapy purposes... So I'll keep it brief.

The players fundamentally stink. BAD.

When you see many defenders, many times, taking bad angles for a tackle that are so bad that the last few years of his career Roy Williams (31) would say something like this: "Wow, that was a really bad angle". You know that things have reached a whole new level of ineptitude.

It's just BAD overall.

And I'm not counting on things getting better. You expect some of those mistakes in the first couple of games when players are still out of rythm. Not at midseason.

THIS is what they are and what they have to offer.

Making History isn't always a good thing.

With all the injuries along the DLine, I wasn't expecting a good season from the D, I expected to see the LB corps and DBs to keep the team above water.

As I said before, rationale and Cowboys...

Where do I start? Regarding all the problems along the D, which in my opinion goes for Deficient right now. What about personnel management? In the first few games, you have an OK Will Allen, who isn't anything fancy, but has experience and can play in the League. In practice they see Wilcox start to outplay him, and they do the smart thing which is starting the better performer.

All good so far. What isn't good is what followed. What exactly made the Coaches and Front Office think after all the injuries along the Defense that Wilcox would be free of it and that Allen became expendable? For the life of me, I just can't understand this.

Making the wrong kind of history by being dumb on many levels is what we're seeing.

And there are no saviours for the D.

If you're going to make history due to ineptitude on D, you should go for the fence on the O. And to me, right now the O goes for Offensive, in the wrong kind of meaning.

I just can't understand this, my football mind proves to be too small and D (yes, Deficient).

So far, how many times have we seen a 3rd and long with the hot read being a route that would require a miracle to reach the marker? But this being me, a football mind that tries to proves it mettle, I think that I can understand the reasoning... In practice the O goes against the D and that's a confidence builder! They can't tackle, so those plays reach the marker! Brilliant!

No need to call for suicide watch, I'm going to be OK.

What to do?

I'm going to continue to watch the games, because that's what fans do, but I'm going to set limits because my masochism only reaches a certain level. A game gets as ugly as this last one did, I'll raise a white flag (just like the team did) and go do something more useful (like watching a tree grow or something else that will depend on my creativity at the moment).

You're asking about the team? This season, nothing, there's no purpose. Pulling Garrett means pushing another Coach on the team on top... And seeing Callahan or Kiffin on top scares the bejeezus out of me!

After the season, everyone is gone, I'm fairly sure of that. It's going to be a clean sweep and one that should reach the top, but that guy also owns the team and apparently isn't going away anythime soon.

Things are just too wrong overall for any other kind of decision and it isn't reasoning in a vaccuum after a bad day, to me, the smell's been bad for weeks now. And with me being me, I kept trying to find something under my nose and failing to do so, so I started to accept a point that I didn't wanted to.

Jason Garrett didn't work out, time to go in another direction.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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