Are we having fun yet? All you Romo disciples and kool-aid pushers?

THAT my friends was NOT a classic beat down last night in New Orleans. Oh, no! That wasn't getting whooped by a better team either. No, no, no. THAT, my friends, was a classic choke by none other than our beloved starting QB and play calling guru in the booth, Bill Callahan. When I saw Callahan calling running plays in the 4th quarter, I could immediately smell the rat. The fact that the quarterback seems reluctant to throw to the all world wide receiver even when he's covered also reeks of something foul.

I have said it before and gotten pummeled in the reply's that I feel we have seen as much as we are ever going to see from Tony Romo. That there is always a reason a QB is not taken in the draft and pedigree and a history of winning the biggest games in the most hostile environments means everything. It's hard to get that experience at a small town college when you are a QB. Just take a look at Andrew Luck. Big time. Big college. Big league talent. Winner. (and just think, all we had to do was stick with Wade a few years back for one more half season and we could have possibly had another franchise QB!!) As it stands now, we have an also ran under center.

Folks, you can rail on me for this post all you want but last night was just another way to choke by our quarterback in a game with real consequences. I predicted this would happen earlier and that we would let a pretty bad Philly team sneak up on us towards the end of the season. That prediction is coming to fruition right before our eyes.

Yes, the defense is in shambles and it really tanked when Sean Lee went out with his injury but the offensive talent is totally intact except for Miles Austin (another grand choker for the Cowboys). Dez was out there as was Williams, all the complimentary receivers were out there, we had a healthy running back who looked pretty tenacious out there and Romo was getting decent time in the pocket.

The overthrow to Dez for the turnaround touchdown summed it up brilliantly. The 3 and out after an onside kick that would have turned momentum around was another glimpse into why this team is doomed with the guy we have under center. I mean, I'm sorry, but you HAVE to make a play in that situation. You CAN'T go three and out there. Even a field goal would have been a better confidence booster.

Sure the Saints defense is good - but it aint THAT good! This had absolutely NOTHING to do with Rob Ryan. This had everything to do with an offense that isn't being led by anyone. It's offensive. It's leaderless. And has been for a long time. Just a bunch of RKG's who have no idea whatsoever what it means to make things happen when the going gets tough.

Sorry for the bummer post - but it is a major dose of reality. Romo's been fun to watch at times but we're not going anywhere with him under center. That's just what it looks like when I go without the kool-aid for a couple of weeks...

Not happy about it either! Go Cowboys.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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