NFC East Schedules determine a winner

I just thought I'd make some sense of the rest of the season. Next week I want to have a more in depth post on the team when I get the time. For now I was interested in seeing the rest of the divisions schedules to see what team wins the NFC East.


Dallas Cowboys 5-5

Philadelphia Eagles 5-5

New York Giants 3-6

Washington Redskins 3-6


In reality all four teams have a chance. There are plenty of division games left for teams to creep up on each other. The Giants have faced the Eagles twice already however. So they will need some help there.


Cowboys Schedule: Bye, @ New York, vs. Oakland, @ Chicago, vs. Packers, @ Washington, vs. Philadelphia

Eagles Schedule: vs. Washington, Bye, vs. Arizona, vs. Detroit, @ Minnesota, vs. Chicago, @ Dallas

Giants Schedule: vs. Green Bay, vs. Dallas, @ Washington, @ San Diego, vs. Seattle, @ Detroit, vs. Washington

Redskins Schedule: @ Philadelphia, vs. San Francisco, vs. New York, vs. Kansas City, @ Atlanta, vs. Dallas, @ New York


With all the injuries the Cowboys have it's difficult to say any of these games are sure wins. Even without the injuries that's difficult to say. So, first I'll look at common opponents where the Giants can gain on Dallas. For some reason they're the team that I have my radar on. They can be one game back if they beat Green Bay. Meaning the Cowboys Giants game the following week would mean more than it did a week ago.

Common games:

Both won: vs. Philadelphia, vs. Minnesota

Both lost: vs. Kansas City, vs. Denver

Interchangeable games lost: vs. New Orleans/Carolina

Interchangeable games are games that one team plays that the other doesn't from the same division because of the team's record in the previous year. I call them this, not sure if others do too. Anyway, New Orleans = Carolina in this situation.

Dallas has the edge here because they beat the Rams. The Giants have to beat Seattle to keep pace in this department. The Giants have lost to the Eagles once and Dallas still needs to play Philly one more time. However, the Giants can gain on Dallas by beating San Diego and Detroit. Dallas can essentially eliminate the Giants if they defeat them head to head.


Okay, so that's a weird way to look at scheduling. Here's the old fashion way.

Cowboys: @ New York (W), vs. Oakland (W), @ Chicago (L), vs. Packers (L), @ Washington (W), vs. Philadelphia (W)

Eagles: vs. Washington (W) , vs. Arizona (W), vs. Detroit (L), @ Minnesota (W), vs. Chicago (L), @ Dallas (L)

Giants: vs. Green Bay (W), vs. Dallas (L), @ Washington (L), @ San Diego (L), vs. Seattle (L), @ Detroit (L), vs. Washington (W)

Redskins: @ Philadelphia (L), vs. San Francisco (L), vs. New York (W), vs. Kansas City (L), @ Atlanta (W), vs. Dallas (L), @ New York (L)


Final Standings:

Dallas Cowboys 9-7

Philadelphia Eagles 8-8

New York Giants 5-11

Washington Redskins 5-11

The season will likely not turn out exactly how I laid it out above. Some games will probably be wins and others losses. Hopefully they all equal out correctly. I think at best the Giants will have 7 wins this year. That means they likely have beaten the Cowboys and swept the Redskins, but lost to their more difficult opponents. This should be a two team race between the Cowboys and Eagles. That last game sure will mean something.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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