Nothing but Sunshine, Rainbows, and Butterflies here folks..

After reading the plethora of "downward spiraling fandom heartbreak" comments that have covered this board for a few days, and seeing O.C.C. post "is is still overreaction Monday?", I wondered what it would feel like to try my damned hardest to stand on my head and look at the glass half full. I mean if you really think about it, is it really that bad for all of us in here right now??? Considering yesterday we celebrated the many men and women who sacrificed and/or risked their lives for our freedom, is a dismantling by the Saints really "the pits" in life?

First, I have to admit, I'm more of a softie this year than last year. My wife and I have an 8 month old little girl, who, when we give up a first down on 3rd and 18, or complete a 4 yard pass when we need 9 for a first down, I can just look at her and forget how "bad" it all really isn't.

With all that's wrong with the world, I wonder if it's worth looking at the positive of the situation we're in for a moment.

We're 5-5, tied for the division lead, but to the naked eye (or the mainstream media eye), we're spiraling out of control.

What if the injury to Sean Lee was a blessing in disguise? We all figured at some point he may get a little dinged up, right? A lot of us didn't think coming out of New Orleans with a win was high probability, so technically, we're 5-5 just like many expected. Sean (and Durant) are out for let’s say 4 weeks... Well, week 1 is a bye, week two is at NY, week 3 is home against Oakland, and week 4 is at Chicago. If Dallas has any opportunity to find out if this team is what we want them to be, this is the prime opportunity to do so. If we’re actually a playoff contender, they should be able to find a way to beat NY with an extra week to plan. Same goes for the Oakland game. We'll be getting Hatcher, Mo, and Wilcox back on the defense, but our LB core is what MUST be solid if we are able to beat the teams we'll face in the postseason. By Lee and Durant going down now, it gives us 2 weeks to get our backups prepared mentally and we then have 2 or 3 weeks to really see what they are on the field. Right now, I doubt we are looking at the same LB depth that we take to the postseason, but hopefully we can still find a way to win these games, and at the same time, maybe churn the roster for a LB or 2. Good QB's will expose the middle of the field in the postseason, and with 2 winnable games, it's our opportunity to see if a solid defensive game plan can cover up the lack of talent and at the same time, tell us where we need to go shopping.

On the offensive side of the ball, what better of a time to have a bad game plan against another explosive offense. It was expected to be a shootout, instead, our team fielded a game plan mastered by the likes of Helen Keller. This media frenzy about "Fire Callahan, change play callers, let Romo be Romo, etc" should obviously make them take a step back and hopefully re-evaluate what we want to do on offense. With that being said, having an extra week to put together something may be a much needed blessing. Let’s hope they get it right and fix it for good. I don’t think it’s always been broken, but we really don’t have an "identity" yet on offense.. (other than being a poor, predictable, and thoughtless one). It seems they try to over-think each week and try to be something different against this team, then something different the next. That’s great, and I’m not saying don't scheme according based on the defensive strengths and weaknesses of your opponents, but DON’T become a completely different team every 7 days. If one week crossing routes to Dez and T-Will are working lights out, just because the next week the opponent has better LB’s, don’t go away from it completely. I get mindboggled that something that works all too well one week is absolutely nowhere to be found the next. Hopefully this rear-throttling that the Saints put on us wakes us up and makes us choose an identity… as a fan, I can only be optimistic that it will.

Lastly, as bad of statistical #’s as our defense has put up this year, and as sputtering as our offense has looked at times this year, we’re still tied for the division lead, with some definitely winnable games coming up. Lets get over the fact that we got a throttling on defense when we lost our MVP, and got shut down by a guy who marked his calendar and has been plotting his defense for 3 months waiting for this game. A lot of us expected to loose that game… now that we have, lets turn it into a lesson and improve….

Look up everybody… the clouds are breaking… I see blue skies…

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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