Jerry Jones is not a "football guy" nor a student of history



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History tends to repeat itself. The similarities are striking.

Recently, the GM of the Dallas Cowboys gave his version of the infamous "Randy Ratio" (see 2002 season).

Jerry on Dez: "We need to get him the ball more. I think that's the kind of thing that's a reasonable thing that you can adjust over a two-week period that we're going into with our bye week. How do we work to get him the ball more?"

The "Randy Ratio" plan was scrapped midway through the 2002 Vikings season. It was a stupid plan is stupid now.

It is difficult to believe that a coach that found ways to get the ball to Terrell Owens (ages 32 - 35) when he was consistently facing double coverage is having difficulty finding ways to get the ball to a much more gifted receiver in Dez Bryant. In fact, that is not the case:

Through the first 10 games:

2007 Terrell Owens: 58 receptions on 90 targets

2008 Terrell Owens: 53 receptions on 88 targets



2010 Dez Bryant: 44 receptions on 63 targets

2011 Dez Bryant: 35 receptions on 61 targets (9 games played)

2012 Dez Bryant: 57 receptions on 86 targets

2013 Dez Bryant: 52 receptions on 90 targets



Dez Bryant has been targeted as much as any receiver in Garrett's offense. This suggests that this offense is geared towards having its primary receiver garner around 140 targets throughout the course of the regular season. Bryant had 138 targets in 2012 while Owens received 144 targets in 2007 (Terrell missed the final game due to injury).

Compared to 2012, Dez has been targeted four more times and has caught five fewer passes through ten games. Bryant has four more touchdowns, 14 more yards, and three fewer fumbles in 2013 in comparison to 2012.

Dez averaged 12.9 yards per reception through ten games in 2012. Bryant is averaging 14.4 yards per catch this season. Dez averaged 16.7 yards per reception in 2011, the same as Terrell in 2007.

Bryant is on track to record about 1,200 yards on 83 receptions with 13 touchdowns while being targeted 144 times. Dez tore through opposing defenses over the final six games in 2012:

35 receptions on 52 targets

647 yards (107.83 yards per game)

18.5 yards per reception

8 touchdowns

Those numbers may never be repeated. Teams have changed the way they defend Dez and this edition of the Cowboys' offense. Forcing the issue and moving away from the basic construct of the offense will likely further limit the effectiveness of the Cowboys' offense.

After all, despite catching 106 passes for 1,347 yards in 2002, Randy Moss led the Vikings to a 6-10 finish. It would not surprise me to see Dallas go 1-5 if Jerry gets his wish.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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