A little perspective

First, an official apology to KD, he's man enough not to need it but I want to be man enough to offer it anyway. I ranted on him simply because I was having a bad day. I was wrong, not about Jenkins though, lol. Just about going off on KD. That's why I gave myself a timeout for quite a while.

I'd also like to go on record saying I've learned nothing from my past actions and am likely to repeat them. I'm very immature, I don't live a normal life and get away with a lot, I like to imbibe and I'm not used to not being in charge, plus I hate double negatives.

So I'll likely either give myself another timeout in a few weeks or the mods will do it for me. I will try to avoid that though because this site needs some perspective and I want to be a part of this great community and help restore order. So here we go...

The defense: yes they suck. It's great to say injury is no excuse but if Suh, Fairley and Ansah were out when we played the Lions, do any of you think our offense would have struggled as much? Because we were without the equivalent on our D line.Switch that injury situation and I think you find we'd have killed the Lions.

If they were without Bush as we were without Murray, would they have won that game? I can confidently say no. That's just one game that injuries killed us. No doubt in my mind that's a win with just a few of our guys able to play.

Injuries matter. It's an excuse if you say one linemen is out and that's why you suck. It's reality when you say: Ratliff, Spencer, Bass and Crawford are gone for the year. Add to that Ware and Hatch miss games, then guys off the street do too. I challenge the naysayers to show me a team with the equivalent injuries on the dline or any position.

Our Defense stinks because of injuries, not because of Monty.

Romo's decline, are you kidding me???? He's currently 6th in passing yards in the NFL. This does not happen by accident.

Off the top 16 QB's in attempts, he's 8th in average yards.So much for the argument that his average is on decline, it's right on pace per attempts this year. A few less drops on long plays and it goes up.

He's 3rd in total passing TD's.3rd in the entire NFL in passing TD's and he's washed up?????

Of the top 20 in attempts, he's 4th in QB rating.See, most of you don't look at attempts, this is a big one, attempts matter. Of the guys who throw as much as he does, he's the 4th best out of 20!

Of the top 14 in attempts he's tied for fewest INT's. Woulda, coulda should only counts in wins does it? QB is not the problem!

In a year Romo is clearly struggling and the offense stinks, he's still a league top ten, think about that! Think about it!

It seems to me even the FPW's are starting to whine, it's ridiculous. Our defense has been beat to hell.

Those of you wishing to run Miles out of town might want to realize he's the best route runner we have and the only real threat opposite Dez. This is why the offense is struggling, Harris and Beez are great but they ain't Miles. You can't take Dez out when Miles is in the game. Sucks his hammies stink but we need him!

TWill will be great in a year or two but he can't do what Miles does now (when healthy). That's why Dez can't get open. Harris knows a few routes, catches with his body and drops passes. TWill, Harris and Beez do not scare D's the way Miles does.

Let's see how we look with Miles on O and many of our starters back on D after the bye.

Too many of you whine about the team quitting when you quit long before they did.

That is all...

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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