Is sam the man?

So far ive asked the questions 'does super rod change our draft apprach' and asked you all to take your pick of standfords 3 big stud linemen.

But now i want to take a look at the player who before this year was unknown but is now surrounded in all the hype,thats right the current sack leader in college football- Michael Sam

At 6'2 and 255lbs sam has been ripping it up this season with 10 sacks and 16 tfls so far.As all the hype entering the season was about his team mate Kony Ealy it has been Sam that has stolen the limelight with his eye catching displays,high motor and relentless effort that has seen him fly from projected udfa to possible 1st rounder.And its a player i recall a fpw being rather high on in a recent article (i forget who it was)

Many people are projecting him to be to small to play end in 4-3 and to be a better fit in 3-4 as an olb which would seemingly rule him off our radar in our current scheme but for me there are other things that rule him out.

Yes his size could be an issue,but personally that isnt a factor for me at then end of the day he is what 2 inches shorter than our very on sack monster and tips the scale around the same weight give or take a pound or 2,what is tho is the fact whilst sam has 10 sacks for the season-he has 3 games where he has 3 sacks per game,so rule out them 3 games and he has 1 sack on the season which to me answers another question-if he has such natural pass rushing ability then where has t been for the past 2-3 seasons?his best record prior to this year was 3.5 sacks.

1 thing for definate i have noted about sam is that he is a 1 trick pony.He's been at his best in a wide 9 type technique. He simply tries to burst off the line, dip under the tackle and then rip past him. That looks like his only pass rushing move. He looks very good doing it, but he's going to need to develop a counter move at the next level.

I do love watching tape of mizzou tho and see sam fly around,he is a whirlwind around the park,i love his effort,his motor he just stand sout to me,but is he a 1st rounder?Not a chance,2nd?Again not for me,that being said if michael sam is on the board when we pick in the 3rd would i role the dice?hell yeah and let marinelli work some of his magc with the guy,an improved skill set with his motor speed and relentless nature i can see a great player down the line.

But we need improvements now,not someone who 'can' be great in season or 3.Maybe a Sam/crawford combo at lde?Sam on passing downs crawford on run downs?I dont no if that would work?Myabe a season or 2 behind Dware and learning from the master?Again i dont no.But 1 thing i do no for sure-given a choice of Trent Murphy or Michael Sam?????At this stage im taking Murhys name to the table

Thing is tho,that as things stand its marinellis opion that counts,and i think Michael Sam is just the kind of player he loves

Ill leave you with his stats taken from his profile on mizzou

Defense G Solo Asst. Total Sacks/Yds TFL/Yards FF FR P Def Int/Yds
2009 0 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
2010 13 11 13 24 3.5 / 20 7 / 29 2 -- -- 1 / 62
2011 13 16 13 29 1.5 / 4 3 / 9 -- -- 1 1 / 0
2012 12 9 13 22 4.5 / 30 7 / 39 2 1 -- --
2013 10 25 9 34 10 / 63 16 / 84 1 1 1 --
TOTAL 48 61 48 109 19.5 / 117 33 / 161 5 2 2 2 / 62

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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