Dallas Cowboys News & Notes: Fixing The Passing Game

Ronald Martinez

Latest Dallas Cowboys headlines for your Sunday morning reading pleasure.

Defending Dez Week 10 - Bob's Blog
Jake Kemp takes a look at how the Saints were able to shut down the Cowboys' passing game: There was a safety shaded to Bryant on every single one of the pass routes he ran.

This is the first time this has happened this year. The Giants flirted with this, but Ryan was the first to pull it off. The Saints blitzed on just 11% of the Cowboys snaps, which is the lowest rate Dallas has seen all season. Contrary to what you may have been lead [sic] to believe over the years, Ryan is a pliable coordinator who is not a manic blitzer. He was comfortable sending 4, dropping 7 and letting Romo/Garrett figure it out. Romo/Garrett did not figure it out.

Jerry Jones: Cowboys will be helped by return of Miles Austin - Brandon George, DMN
Jones said on Friday that the team is working hard on putting a more consistent offense on the field against New York in a week's time, and a big part of that will be the return of Miles Austin.

"We’ve got to be able to pinpoint receivers, pinpoint the skills of those individuals and get the ball [to] them when we want to," Jones said. "We’re working on that and we should be and we’ll get better there. But Miles Austin is a big factor. He’s our best route runner. When they’re doubling, as they have been, your best receivers in Witten and certainly the 88 (Dez Bryant), what’s called for is a great route runner, and I would call him a great route runner, Miles. And so that should be of help to us."

Terrance Williams gets better and better - ESPN Dallas
Wide receivers coach Derek Dooley is very pleased with Williams' development and says that Williams has made the "adjustment from being a college guy to a pro as well as anybody." But Williams is keeping his head down as he continues to work on improving.

"I could get better in a whole a lot of stuff," Williams said."There's some stuff on the technique side I could get better at and pay attention to. I'm going to get the games from these past few weeks and look at stuff that I can correct and things that I could change so I can come back to the bye week and be better than I was before."

Dallas Cowboys Tony Romo knows winning a Super Bowl is all that matters - ESPN The Magazine - ESPN
In ESPN The Magazine's QB Issue, Robert Sanchez writes that you can blame Tony Romo all you want. He'll keep blaming himself too - until he wins a ring.

Bunches of fun: The offensive formation taking the NFL by storm - SBNation.com
What's that gaggle of receivers crowded off the offensive tackle? It's a bunch formation, and it's rapidly becoming one of the most important offensive concepts in the NFL. Danny Kelly heads to the film room for a closer look.

Among Cowboys’ 2013 draft picks, 2nd-round TE Gavin Escobar yet to pan out - Barry Horn, DMN
No kidding.

The Cowboys' rooting interests - Todd Archer, ESPN Dallas
Archer suggests that Cowboys fans should root for the Redskins against Philly and pull for the Packers to make the Giants look putrid again.

The 25 Sexiest NFL Players of 2013 – Date Report
Saturday is absolutely the worst day for any type of Cowboys coverage, as you can count the number of relevant articles posted on a Saturday on one hand. Which means we've got explore some of the deeper recesses of the interwebs for Cowboys news like this one from The Date Report: Tony Romo and Miles Austin make their list of 25 sexiest NFL players.


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