The Dallas Cowboys Are About to Get Much, Much Better

The Dallas Cowboys have been trending downward in a number of metrics lately. The defense has once again been gutted with injuries, the offense is so predictable that even elite players like Dez Bryant are stymied. Tony Romo looks as though he hates his job.

But there is a silver lining to this deep blue storm cloud and it gives me great hope and optimism about the Cowboys going forward.

Are you ready to hear it Cowboys fans? Ready for some sunshine and optimism? Here it is: Dallas is going to get beat badly in New York.

Yep, that’s were it all starts. The entire Garrett era will end in New York on November 24.

This has a really nice symmetry to it, actually. Garrett’s tenure began in November of 2010, when he was named interim head coach after Wade Philips completely lost his team. His first game was against New York, which he won.

Now Garrett appears to have lost his team as he prepares to head back to New York for a November game that he will lose.

For those fans still clinging to hope that the Cowboys will turn this around and find a way into the playoffs, you must understand that such an unlikely outcome would only delay the inevitable, which is something the Cowboys seem to specialize in. It doesn’t yield pretty results.

In order to turn around this team and go on a winning streak, Dallas would need the following ingredients:

  • Creative plays that get the ball to their best playmakers in space.
  • A flair for in-game adjustments and play-calls that keep Romo in rhythm, moves the chains, and keeps defenses on their heels.
  • The willingness to abandon the horrid defensive scheme that Kiffin has been attempting to implement and start gambling with far more blitzes while demanding that the corners jam receivers at the line, play physical-as-hell and win their battles at all costs.

It should be obvious that Dallas needs to take chances from here on out in order to see results. They have to take the risk that new offensive plays could result in costly mistakes. On defense, they have to risk more blitzes and man coverage, which could open them up to big plays.

Which is why they won’t do it, even though the current plans have led Dallas to it’s worst defensive showing in franchise history coupled with a painfully predictable offense.

The only possible remedy for this season is beyond Garrett’s constitutional make up. He is rational and conservative to a fault. And that is precisely what is sinking this franchise.

It’s as if Dallas decided to bet the house that limiting mistakes and playing the odds would get them into the post season. But the post season is for men with balls. Men who play to win. Dallas needed Romo to be a gun-slinger, even if it didn’t realize it. Now they have a bus driver who looks like he hates his job and no longer believes in the route he’s taking.

Dallas is about to get much better, because Jerry Jones is about to be forced to clean house. The Cowboys will lose big in New York and they will be done. The rest of the season will be nothing but a formality as Philadelphia secures the division title, New York makes it interesting and Washington bumbles to the end.

Jerry Jones will realize he has to find a big name coach with a strong personality and innovative schemes if he wants to put butts in the seats in 2014.

And that is how Dallas is about to get much, much better. They are going to bring in a new regime with new ideas and passion.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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