Holloman's Revenge

We have all witnessed how instinctive Holloman is during the pre-season. Yes, it was pre-season. However, he proved to me that he innately knows the game of football. I also loved it when he was the first draftee to sign a contract, telling his agent to just take whatever the Cowboys offered because he was ready to get to work. That showed me that this guy wasn’t focusing on the fact that he was now an elite amongst us, a NFL football player.He wasn’t going around soaking up the limelight, going to the clubs and enjoying his new status. He wasn’t focusing on all the new toys he could now buy- the car with the ‘dubs’ ,the jewelry, the clothes, the electronics, all the material fluff that making a NFL paycheck allows players to acquire.

No, DeVonte Holloman had one thing in mind, and that was to get a deal done as fast as possible so that he could enter Valley Ranch and focus
on becoming a better football player. That was his desire , to get to work and show the league that they were wrong about him. DeVonte Holloman thought there may be 30-45 players drafted before him-not that he thought they were better than him- but he thought that with his size, measureables, and the outstanding plays he had made as a Linebacker for the Gamecocks of South Carolina during his career, that he would be taken somewhere in the 2nd round. Then the 2nd round came, the hours of anticipation of finding out where he was going to be playing professional football likely wreaking havoc with his mind, as he watched name after name be called. Then the 2nd round ended. 62 names had been called. DeVonte Holloman was not one of them.

Then the 3rd round came. The 3rd round went. Holloman’s name had still not been called, and by this point Holloman had to have felt extremely disappointed. What was wrong with all these teams, had they not watched his game film??

Then the 4th round came along. Surely he was going to get picked soon, likely within the next 10 picks. After all, the 4th round is where teams traditionally truly begin picking the "Best Player Available", regardless of their needs, and Holloman knew he was absolutely one of the best players left on the board. 36 more names were called in the 4th round , and much to his dismay, DeVonte Holloman was not one of them.

By mid-way through the 4th round, disappointment must have grown into complete dejection. By the end of the 4th round, dejection must have grown into flicker of anger. Holloman believed he was one of the top 40-45 players in the draft, and by now one hundred and thirty-three players had been selected, and Holloman was still without a team. Crazy thoughts must have went through his mind, asking the only questions of which the answers could explain his mind-boggling free-fall in the 2013 NFL Draft, questions like ‘Did someone lie about me and say I was a trouble maker, or that I wasn’t a team player? Or even worse, did someone lie and say I had a substance abuse problem or that I used steroids or PED’s??’ Holloman didn’t have the answers, only only that flicker of anger growing by the second as the 5th round of the 2013 NFL Draft began.

CERTAINLY he would be called any moment now. After all, this was getting ridiculous. 133 players had been chosen ahead of him- players whom in his mind were nowhere near as talented- and definitely not as good of a football player as he was.
CB Sanders Commings was picked 1st in the 5th round by the Chiefs. Anger must have grown a bit, the Chiefs could definitely use a LB, he must have thought. QB-WR Denard Robinson was the 2nd name called in the 5th round, picked up by Jacksonville. ‘A QB conversion project for a team that Iknow needs LB help’ must have crossed his mind. More anger brewing. SS Earl Wolff was picked next by the Eagles. They DEFINITELY needed LB’s, so I am sure Holloman began seething even more.

By the end of the 5th round, 35 more names had been called, and again, none were DeVonte Holloman. The flicker of anger nust have grown to aRAGING fireball of fury by now. It had now become personal. At this point, thoughts of ‘just wait until I get the chance to prove myself’ must have been dancing around in his brain. A steel resolve forged by the raging fireball of fury was being forged inside of his soul.

Seventeen names into the 6th round , DeVonte Holloman’s name was called on the stage of the 2013 NFL Draft. The Dallas Cowboys had made him their 7th and final pick of their draft, the 185th overall pick. A sliver of relief must have come over him, though likely quickly evaporated by the fire that was now burning within Holloman for what he felt was being disrespected by the league. He quickly realized the big picture however- the fact that it is irrelevant at what point of the draft a player is selected or if that player was selected at all- what matters is what that player does once the pads are put on and you step on the field.

From that moment on, DeVonte Holloman has had a laser-like focus in everything he has done to become a better football player and prove to the world that the scouts were blind and that he more than belongs in the National Football League. The OTA’s, the weight-room workouts, the sprints on the sidelines, the film study- ALL OF IT!

DeVonte Holloman has prepared himself all he could. He’s fought through a neck-injury, and now is healthy and ready to go. As fate would have it, the Cowboys LB corps recently suffered the loss of 2 LB’s , paving the way for DeVonte Holloman to finally get his opportunity to step on the field Sunday afternoon and prove himself.

I think he is going to come out on fire and make some BIG plays, and surprise a lot of people, especially the Giants players and coaches. This is the moment that Holloman has been dreaming of and focusing his fire for since his painful , epic free-fall down the board in the 2013 draft. Yeah, Sunday is going to be his fun-day. Hollomans hey-day. Yeah, time to show the world!!!

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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