Begging for forgiveness plus my own thoughts of the Cowboys future

We've seen it happen all too often. Whatever lead the Cowboys have gets wiped away and goes right down to the wire. It reminds me so much of that Star Trek TNG episode "Cause and Effect" (spoiler alert) where the Enterprise gets caught in a looping space time continuum (spoiler alert). Generally games like that do not bode our way whether it is by ticky tack calling by the refs, missed opportunities by the D, or just flat out failed execution on O.

You see this man below?


I DID NOT take his advice. (spoiler alert) Throughout the Cause and Effect episode, he yells out on the bridge "All hands ABANDON SHIP!! REPEAT! ALL HANDS ABANDON SHIP!!" (spoiler alert). No way on GOD'S GREEN EARTH I'd abandon ship. If the Cowboys were to go down, I'd go down with them as well. Just like the Enterprise


So here I am sitting on the couch on the Cowboys final drive. I have put up a few comments saying I was unphased. Well of course I was unphased. I forced myself to be numb. With that much pressure the Cowboys and especially ROMO had to overcome to chew time off the clock while maintaing possession of the ball, the Giants had a great chance to pick off Romo. I was numb yet afraid the media will chew on the Cowboys yet again for caving in and Romo losing YET ANOTHER big game. Quite a few of us on the blog were expecting that Romo INT to come. One even said that Joe Buck and Troy Aikman were setting Romo up to fail during the drive. They talked about why Jerry gave him that 108 million dollar contract; because he's one of best 4th quarter QBs in the NFL. All that little praise just like inflating a balloon a little at a time. When you keep doing that it'll eventually pop. It's like Joe and Troy were trying to put a hex on Romo.

So when Dez caught his first of his two 3rd down clutch catches, I thought that was luck and luck always runs out. When Dez caught his second, I still thought the same. That balloon is going to pop sooner or later. I thought the balloon popped when Dez dropped his 3rd catch and the refs refused to review the play. I also assumed the flag was on Dallas because... well you know why... Romo barely gets roughing the passer penalties so maybe it was a hold... UNTIL I saw the play the second time when the Giant's arm wrapped around Romo's neck and yanked it.

A new fresh set of downs and my numbness was no more. I was back on board. I let my guard down and Romo did not disappoint me since. Please forgive me for doubting you Tony. Please forgive me BTB for admitting defeat too easily. I did not want to be let down and so angry anymore so that's why I forced myself to be numb.

Tonight marks the night where the Cowboys improbable cinderella run has taken flight. We're already running into heavy turbulence so we need Sean Lee back ASAP. Losing Mo (AGAIN) and Harris makes it even tougher. Like all of us, I want the Cowboys to have all hands on deck to have the best chance of keeping this cinderella run alive. I'll be happy if we reach the playoffs despite all of what has happened this season, but I would like Lady Luck to be on our side for once as she has been giving us the finger for a long time now.

LET'S GO COWBOYS!! Set a course for Metlife Stadium in February 2014:



Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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