20 (or more) Observations from section 148 of the game

So myself and my fiance were at the game freezing. And there were some things I had noticed.

One thing was that Carter's leg did touch Myer's which the camera's did not show, it happened right in front of us. Myer's made all kind of antics on the Giants sidelines laughing and showing his team exactly where Carter touched him. Be upset Carter didn't play until the whistle, but just know he thought he was down by contact.

Sims is late to every play, he never makes first contact. He is just slow to diagnose plays. Sims would be a better SAM than either of the other spots.

Smith and Free had very nice games with very little help from our TE's and RB's.

Anyway, onto my 20...

1) Frederick got schooled by Jenkins on swim moves.

2) Leary could have been called for at least 8 false starts.

3) Dez drops open passes and catches tough ones.

4) Dez had a reception and was downed before the ball came out.

5) #70 Drake Nevis has the highest motor of anyone on the defense.

6) Mo did not have PI, he was locating the ball and had incidental contact with his feet.

7) Everette Brown (at least 6'4" not 6'1") and George Selvie are physical beasts, look like body builders.

8) Miles Austin looked like has was playing in mud with frozen hands, he has lost something to his game.

9) Witten was open very very often.

10) Escobar is a better blocker on power linemen than he is speedy Safetys, CB's and LB's.

11) Twill should of had more looks, he had his one on one coverage beat deep often.

12) Murray will never have many runs over 20 yards, he is actually very slow at top speed.

13) Randle is a much faster back than Murray.

14) Dunbar caused the Giants fits, they couldn't find the personnel they wanted on him.

15) Ware was a non-factor, he was kept yards away from the Eli and the play for 90% of the game.

16) Wilber looks very very very good as a LB. He should be moved full time.

17) McCray should never be asked to play anything other than ST's.

18) Hanna is a student vacuum. He was up Romo's butt looking at pictures with him most of the game.

19) We need to draft Defensive Line with at least our first 2 picks next draft.

20) The cold had more effect on the Giants players than it did the Cowboys and this surprised me the most.

Also, Bernadeau played a better game than Leary. Jeff Heath is always around the ball. Carr is dominating when in man press. Scandrick should be the number 2 CB from now until he is no longer a Cowboy. Romo makes reads faster than I've ever seen, he rarely throws to his number one, even when letting go in under 2 seconds.

There's what I saw through frozen eyes!!!

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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