Where is this team headed??

Have you ever tried driving your car down your very own street either blind folded or with your eyes closed? Oh yeah, and 3 screaming kids in the backseat and a cup of hot coffee between your legs while holding a chili cheese dog?

THAT's how it feels to watch these Dallas Cowboys these days. I sat watching this last game with the Vikings literally with one eye closed. I chose to watch from the office so that if it turned sour I could at least shut it off and get some work done and not feel like my whole day was wasted on this team. I must admit, I did walk away at the start of the 3rd quarter and did other things only to return a few minutes later to see replays of Jason Witten catching a history making touchdown. I calmly took another sip of my fresh coffee and decided to watch a little more only to watch AP carry what looked like 20 people on his back 5 whole yards into the end-zone while 3 Cowboys defenders were scratching and clawing at the ball INSTEAD of the runner!! Oy. Thank goodness the kicker missed the extra point (!) or I swear the game would have gone into over time. And then who knows what we'd have witnessed. All of these fireworks against a team that has all of one - ONE - win all season. Against a team that supposedly has one of the all time worst defensive backfields in the league. Against a 5th string QB.

I'm a little worn out. I'm gun shy. I'm twitchy when I speak about the Cowboys to co-workers (which I now refrain from as if the mere words out of my mouth will give me the Asian flu). Sort of like driving in that car down my own street with the five kids (I started with 3, right?) and on and on with my eyes closed. I know deep in my heart where the turns are, I just don't quite remember the exact distance to that first stop sign. If I make it around that first corner, I know it's approximately a third of a mile before I need to veer to the left a bit and then another 3rd of a mile till my driveway. And then IF I make it to the driveway, I still have to miss the trash bins and the mailbox and not run the car through the garage door. I already have half of the hot dog on my lap and I've accidentally yelled an obscenity at the 2 year old in the car seat. The one who is NOT screaming. The good one.

I dont have a good feeling about this season. I don't have a good feeling about Tony Romo anymore. I don't trust the running back - I never have. I don't trust the playcalling. I don't trust the defensive line or the backs anymore. I don't trust that DeMarcus Ware will not jump offsides in a crucial must stop moment anymore. I mean WARE of all people - the good kid!! I don't trust Jason or Jerry or Stephen. I don't trust this scalding hot cup of coffee between my legs!! I may need some therapy at some point very soon.

All of that said, maybe this is just a team going through some insane growing pains. With the new defensive scheme and the new offensive play caller, etc etc. Maybe we are just watching this team figure itself out. Gosh, it's just too much to think about. We have the Saints next week. We have single handedly helped the Eagles feel as if they have a fighting chance of winning the division, you know the team with the rookie college coach. I don't trust that they won't! I mean the last game of the season is against those dang Eagles!! Time for a nap. Time for the bye-week. Time to get some players healthy. Time for Romo to get his act together. Time for Dez to be Dez and catch the balls thrown to him. Time for Jason Garrett to peek into Callahan's office and check up. Time for this team to find itself.

Time for me to open my eyes. Make it home safely and start to realize nothing great is likely to happen to this team this year. Dallas isn't going to any Superbowl's anytime soon. I could be wrong, though. (sigh).

Can't wait for a week off after this next game. Now where did I set my coffee?

Go Cowboys!

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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