The Right Kind of Guy - A short discussion

With the incident in Miami, it seems a good time to revisit just what constitutes the right kind of guy - RKG.

Others have already written a great deal on what the Garrett Right Kind of Guy is made of. Instead of trying to rewrite a new article on this, I encourage everyone to read what has been written. One of the things that you note about Garrett is that he tends to repeat his comments over and over until everyone knows what his message is and internalizes them.

As OCC writes:

"Jason Garrett is good at a lot of things, but one thing he is particularly good at is formulating organizational mantras that everybody can understand and that everybody can get behind. The Cowboy Way was one, 'stacking on good day on top of the other' was another, the exact time and date of where the next opponent will be waiting yet another and that are many more that we have already begun to internalize."

Here are a few links about RKG.


This article is intended to give the flavor of the issue instead of being a comprehensive list. Most discussions try to use quotes from Garrett himself:

In an interview on draft weekend with ESPN's Trey Wingo, Garrett first used the term when he explained that the draft philosophy was all about drafting the right kind of guy. The same characteristics should be used when looking for in FA, said

"The right kind of guy, to us, is someone who loves to play football, who is very passionate about it, willing to work hard at it, willing to be part of a team, willing to be part of something that is maybe greater than himself.

What is NOT RKG.

Just as important to the discussion of RKG is what that does NOT mean. What we haven't heard from Garrett is that a RKG is a guy who has a spotless attendance record at Sunday School, or a guy who regularly volunteers at the homeless shelter, gives generously to charity or drives an environmentally friendly car. Don't get me wrong, all of these are laudable - I just don't think it's a prerequisite for being a RKG.

Wrong Kind of Guy

Garrett also explained what he considers to be a wrong kind of guy, or WKG:

" The guys who don’t love to play football. Guys who don’t love to work. The guys who don’t love to be around their teammates. The guys who aren’t trying to be the best that they can be. All those things."

Tom Osborn reported that Garrett has said repeatedly the past two years he wants "the right kind of guys" on the team, meaning ones who practice and play with "passion, emotion and enthusiasm.

"Our experience has been that when you have a lot of these kinds of guys on your team, you practice better and you play better," Garrett said. "It's infectious."

Tom Ryle says that RKG applies to coaches too

Rabblrousr on draft characteristics

- leadership

- work habits/motor

- coachable

- mature

- team first attitude

- respected by the other players

- digs deeper in the fourth quarter

Rabblerousr discusses the guys on the roster who are RKG

Discussing Dez and his maturity issues, Garrett says

"We have really, really good player programs and player development programs here with the Cowboys," Garrett said. "We take that part of our job very seriously with all of our players. Dez has been a part of that thing and done a real good job with it."

JJT describes Garrett as molding the team in his own image.


Needless to say these characteristics are those that made Garrett successful himself. The RKG is someone who works hard with passion, emotion, enthusiasm, not necessarily a choir boy. The boys are looking for specific characteristics in new players such as leadership, as shown by being a team captain.

One can track those characteristics on current members of the team, but also the coaches. The more players that are RKG that there are on a team, makes the others work harder. So, the team has programs to help players hone their own development.

I encourage everyone to go read the original articles.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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