Take your pick-Stanfords big 3 stud linemen

Ok so its only November and the Cowboys have a legit chance of making the play offs so maybe it is a little early to be talking draft but it excites me,i get a buz out of researching players,going over game tape of them,reading mock drafts and predictions of where these players will fall.

For obvious reasons ive spent the majority of my time so far looking at defensive linemen-an area most people are predicting we will spend alot of our attention on improving come the draft and i have to say it looks to be a great year to address this position.I wouldnt be adverse to them going dline with our 1st 3 picks.Although on my previous fanpsot i asked the question 'does what marinelli affect how we draft' meaning that given the magic he has worked on the dline this year would it enable the cowboys to go down an alternative route early doors in the draft and then pick up some dlinemen later rounds?

However as i said earlier i think this years draft is a strong one for the dline and im both entrigued and excited by the thought of what someone like Stephon Tuitt,Daquan Jones or Taylor Hart could bring to our pass rush men.Hart is talked about as being very similar to Hatcher and could be a great 2nd or 3rd round addition.

But i found myself in a quandry.Theres these 3 young bucks that whatever i watch,watch ever i read they always crop up,they always jump out on the screen to me.Yeah stanfords trio of Trent Murphy,Ben Gardner and Henry Anderson.

Trent Murphy is going to late 1st/early 2nd round.Heck some are even suggestiong he could go as high as the teens.Personally i see him as someone we could acquire late in the 1st round (we are going to be drafting in the 20's at the earliest anyway)

Coming in at 6'6 and 261 lbs the guy can move.He knows where the qb is and knows how to hit him-after 8 games so far he has 9.5 sacks.

This guy could and would be the heir apparent to the sack king himself lord ware.Or at the very least-we could have a new #93 to replace the out going one

Henry Anderson is the 2nd of the 3 that i really like.Watch highlights of any stanford defensive player and i assure you #91 will be the one drawing your attention.

Predicted to go as high as the 2nd round his draft stock might well be affected by going out injured at the start of the season and only expecting to return in the next week.If he fell to the 3rd he could and would be a steal.

Coming in at 6'6 and 295lbs he could move inside and take on hatchers role with his high motor he is a strong and physical 2012 he ammassed 13 tfl and 5.5 sacks and was expected to do even better this season-i guess we will se how he comes back from his injury.

The 3rd of the trio is Ben Gardener, you might remember him as the guy who stuffed James White on a huge 4th-and-1 on the 1-yard line in the Rose Bowl.If draft position was simply about toughness, intensity and work ethic, Gardner might be No. 1 but Unfortunately he has just been ruled out for the remainder of the season with a pectoral injury that has hampered him for a few weeks but incredibly he still managed 7.5 tfland 4.5 sacks despite playing injured.

He is also a tam captain and very vocal leadet in the stanford locker room-definatly a rkg

So with Murphy a 1st/2nd round rade,Anderson with a 2nd/3rd round grade and Gardener anywhere between rounds 2-4 which one would you take?Maybe theres a possibility of upgrading the defensive end position with murphy nd then taking Anderson or Gardner in rounds 2-4 and moving them inside to play the 3 tech?

Or maybe none of them are that good on there own and are instead a success as a factor of there being together as a trio?


Since posting this ive kept reading up on other players aswell as watching these 3 and it seems the general conscensus is that with Ben Gardner ruled out for the year hi stock is in free fall and is now being tipped as a 7th rounder a best.Now thats a steal if ever i saw 1

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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