Jerry Says Gamble More: Here’s an Entertaining Approach That May Work

Jerry Jones was addressing the disastrous defense when he talked of taking more risks, but lets start with the offense first.

Don’t Punt!

Dallas’ best chance going forward will involve a dramatically aggressive offense that puts a premium on scoring as many points as possible and uses all four downs to convert to first down if necessary.

One thing that Dallas has done better than most other teams this year is score touchdowns in the red zone.

But they don’t get to the red zone often enough to keep up with their opponents who are playing against the worst defense in the NFL. Dallas must alter how they do things to assure that they get into the red zone more often and rarely ever punt.

A good brainstorm activity for Garrett and Callahan would be: "If you’re job depended upon you scoring 50 points in the next game, how would game-plan that?" I would strongly advise them to have that same brainstorming session every Monday morning for the rest of the year.

Here is the thing to keep in mind: For the Cowboys defense, it makes little difference if the opponent starts drives with long fields or short fields.

The defense can’t stop an above average offense anyway. All they are doing is allowing the other team time to burn clock on longer scoring drives, further wearing down their horrid defense.

Don’t believe me? Look at how many punts Dallas’ defense has forced against quality offenses this year:

Bronco’s—no punts

Saints—one punt, on first possession. Forced zero punts remainder of game

Lions—played them tough for first half, forced zero punts in second half

Chargers—played them tough for first half, forced 1 punt in second half with 1:13 left and a 9-point deficit.

Bears—no punts

If Dallas is going to continue to try and run Monte Kiffin’s cover two catastrophe, then they simply can’t afford to punt.

Blitz Like Your Hair's On Fire

Now, if they really are going to do what Jerry Jones stated after the loss to the Bears and start taking chances on defense, then they may have a chance to get lucky in one of their remaining games. What I mean by that, is that blitzing only works if an offensive line and or QB loses poise. If that happens, a poor defense can get turnovers and stops. If it doesn’t happen, then they just get scored on sooner. But heck, why not roll the dice?

At this point, does anyone really care if Dallas’ defense loses a game by 34 points instead of losing by 24 points? Why not throw all caution to the wind, refuse to punt on offense and blitz like a madman on defense?

Of course, none of this is going to happen. Some tweaks will be made—lawn chairs on the deck of the Titanic comes to mind. At least with my approach the games would be entertaining.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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