Cowboys News: Miles Austin And Dez Bryant Talk About Their Roles

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Some Saturday reading for Dallas fans.

Cowboys Corner: Miles Austin on his lack of production: "Obviously, you've got to make plays with the opportunities you get"

Miles Austin, who has been nearly invisible this season, fielded questions about lack of productivity. He's trying to grind it out.

"I dropped a ball last week," Austin said. "I probably could have made a play on the nine [route] when Kyle threw it late in the game. Just not making some of the plays I could, and also at the end of the day, I'm going in, and I'm working hard, as hard as I can, and I'm going to continue to do that. You've just got to take it one play at a time."

Miles Austin: I haven’t thought about my future with the Dallas Cowboys; this is not a lost season for me | Dallas Morning News

With the Cowboys in the shocking and totally unforeseen position of needing to come up with cap space for the 2014 season, a lot of people are looking at the rather pathetic stat line for Austin (19 receptions, 179 yards, no touchdowns, no hammies able to survive a season) and figuring he is a prime candidate for trading or cutting. He is not dwelling on that, he claims.

Austin also said he hasn't thought about his future with the Cowboys.

"I live in the moment to be honest," Austin said. "I'm dealing with Friday. I've got to get a lift in in about 5-10 minutes. Take advantage of that lift and hopefully think about getting home after that."

Dallas Cowboys WR Dez Bryant on why he’s a ‘much better receiver’ than he was last season | Dallas Morning News

Jason Garrett said earlier that he thinks Dez Bryant is a better receiver this year. Dez is down with that.

"I feel the exact same way," Bryant said. "I'm a much better receiver than I was last year."

Why does he feel that way?

"My approach of the game, the understanding, reading coverages," Bryant said, "I can go on and on about how much better I am than last year."

Dez Bryant thinks offense can carry team - Dallas Cowboys Blog - ESPN Dallas

He was pretty much just a fount of positive thinking.

With the Dallas Cowboys' defense struggling, wide receiver Dez Bryant was asked if the offense carry the team in the final three weeks of the season.

Bryant, the Cowboys' leader in catches (70) and yards (908), wasn't trying to be disrespectful to the defense, but is confident in the offense's abilities.

"In my honest opinion, I really believe that we can," Bryant said after Friday's practice.

Jerry Jones: Dallas Cowboys need to develop home field advantage at AT&T Stadium | Dallas Morning News

Dallas comes into the game against the Green Bay Packers 5-1 at home. Overall, they are only 23-16 since Jerry Jones opened the venue formerly known as Cowboys Stadium, and Jones is understandably hopeful that they are starting a trend this season.

Matchups: Packers Rookie OT Against Ware Will Be Key |

Bryan Broaddus takes a look at Demarcus Ware versus David Bakhtiari, plus Dez Bryant against Tramon Williams.

Tyron Smith vs. Clay Matthews: A Trojan Reunion - Blogging The Boys

Our own Dawn Macelli gives her views of another interesting matchup.

Sean Lee Out For Cowboys-Packers Game " CBS Dallas / Fort Worth

I'm sure you've all heard the news about Sean Lee. Mike Fisher takes a deeper look into what injury he really suffers.

The Dallas Cowboys have ruled middle linebacker Sean Lee out for this weekend's game against the Packers, reports citing a "sprained ligament in his neck.'' But sources tell 105.3 The Fan that Lee may be undergoing treatment for a neuropraxia-type condition - in this case, nerve compression along the spinal cord.

Fisher is also critical of the way the team is handling things medically, and how they are providing the information about it.

And for those of you who think this is just about a media type getting miffed about not being told things, Fisher is not that guy and this affects things like how other teams prepare.

Cowboys DE Edgar Jones ready for call-up - ESPN

A forgotten name, Jones was one of the replacement rushmen before being injured in September and undergoing sports hernia surgery in October. The team designated him as being able to return after being on IR, and he is back to hopefully help with the stretch run.

Scout's Notebook: Shuffling The Linebackers; Scandrick's Job |

Broaddus also mentions something I think is going to be one of the most important factors for the Cowboys as they try to win out.

Since the Minnesota contest, this Cowboys offense has been an efficient unit when it comes to running the football. The questions of DeMarco Murray and his inability to find the hole because of his vision issues is now an afterthought.

This offensive line and group of tight ends have done a much better job at the point of attack, and Murray has rewarded them for their effort. Against this Packers front, I believe you can run the ball as well, but it is going to have to come more in the form of it going off the tackle than up inside.

The ground game, and the rediscovery of the fullback position with Tyler Clutts, may be the key.

Bob McGinn - Packers' Next Opponent: Cowboys

Finally, here is a chance to see how the other guys see our favorite team. Warning: Not all rainbows and unicorns.

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