Peace be with you!

I decided to go a different direction than most are feeling tonight. Not because I don't want to read that Garrett and Callahan have been fired in the morning papers, because I do wish for that. Nothing needs to be said other than not running in the second half cost us the game, yet again.

But because this is supposed to be the happiest time of the year. It hit me when we blew the game for the second time and I was considering throwing my football through my TV screen. I realized I had a good year and could afford a new and better TV, the kind that reflects the hazel in my eyes when it's off. This was my chance for 80" 3D madness!

But then something happened. My 9 year old, wearing his Witten jersey popped up with a football and said, Dad, can we try it again? I was irritated thinking he meant can the Cowboys try to throw it again. I was about to be an idiot and tell him to leave me alone.

But his eyes were lit up as he patted his ball. It dawned on my he wanted to reenact that play but with his Dad throwing him the ball. This was one of my :Cats in the Cradle" moments!

So you know what? The heck with these coaches and players, they do not deserve me stressing about their idiocy. I threw the ball with both my Son's and had a great time! And that time was better spent than worrying about this collection of knuckleheads who can't get out of their own way, lol.

This is not our year. Garrett is not the coach to lead us to greatness, Bill C is a complete moron, the D stepped up early but got beat to hell again. But this is still a great day!

Here's to my kids for helping me realize that. We hugged and laughed together today, and my wife still looks great and for some reason wants to spend time with me.

I hope ya'll can find similar reasons to not worry about this group of underachievers.They failed today but I did not!I'm guessing most of you did not either.

That said, this is the game that should get Garrett and Callahan fired. I really did not see anything JG could have done to get fired until today. He does not deserve another day as the HC of the Cowboys, imho.

Here's to a better tomorrow and enjoying tonight.


Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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