Bud Lite is to Budweiser as Romo is to Dan Marino

That's right! Tony Romo is Dan Marino Lite. Passing Stats no championships. So arrogant about his ability that he always will find a reason to pass instead of run the running play. I wrote this in earlier fanposts. It didn't take yesterday for me to write this one. This is a reminder to my fellow Cowboy fans of exactly what our issue is.

Tony's arrogance about who his passing ability is the reason we can not manage a game. Just like Dan Marino. The problem is that it does not make for winning football. Show me any football team that will turn the game over to it's running game once they have a lead, then I'll show you a winning football team. Fancy football in most cases loses to basic football.

When Dan Marino went to the Dolphins, he turned a 2-time Super Bowl winning, Hall-Of-Fame coach into a passing coach and they never won anything. When Jimmy Johnson went to Miami, they literally had a power struggle. Jimmy had been king of Miami at "Da U" and Marino was the face of the Dolphins. But Jimmy wanted to run the ball!!! You hear a lot of people say, "Jimmy didn't win in Miami when he left Dallas". But that was Dan Marino's inability to get with the program. Now back to Romo.

It's time for people to realize that Jason Garrett has grown into a very good coach. That's RIGHT, I said it. And yes, you can probably find one of my fanposts where I was angry we promoted Garrett and fired Wade Phillips. But Jason Garrett is not our problem anymore. Garrett is and has been fighting the Romo/Callahan "pass whenever" mentality. This is the reason that Jason Garrett got back into the play calling process. This is the reason he didn't care if he hurt Romo's feelings by telling the world that Romo changed the play to a pass that should have been a run. I also believe that Garrett is trying to focus Romo to getting the ball to Dez more. If it wasn't for Garrett we'd be getting beat worse. Why? Because Witten would have over 100 catches again this year if Garrett wasn't trying to manage it. I DONT HATE Witten. It's just that he should be Jay Novacek and get his catches in spots. He is not a primary weapon, too slow. My guess is that Garrett is smart enough to see it but Jerry Jones won't phase Witten out. If Romo was free to do what he wants without Garrett, he'd look to pass 80% of the time and look for Witten too often.

Here is the biggest question. Will Jerry Jones stay with Garrett? Will Garrett be allowed to take the ball of Romo's hands at the proper moments in games? Remember Garrett played with Emmitt, he know the value of running the ball. When I look at Garrett, I see a person who is sick of a player circumventing what he wants done.

Another part of the problem is Bill Callahan. He was brought in with the "tag" that he like to run the ball. That has been proven to be a lie. And I knew it all along. Bill Callahn is not the running game guru that he was stated to be. Remember it was Callahan that Tim Brown and Jerry Rice accused of abandoning the run in the SUPER BOWL of all things. BTW, Brown (likely future Hall of Famer) and Rice (statistically the greatest ever) are WIDE RECEIVERS and they are still angry he didn't RUN the ball!!! Because they wanted to win the Super Bowl, they didn't want stats!

Now I don't think Romo is just trying to pile up stats. But I do believe that he thinks he is the best way to win. Hence, the audibling to pass plays. I wrote in an earlier fan post that Troy Aikman never audibled. And generally speaking, he didn't. I don't need some nut telling about the 3 times that he did. The point is that we knew how to stick to basic football strategy to close out a game. Unforetunately, we may not win until Romo and his passing ego is gone. Or until Witten is gone because Romo can't seem to develop an Irvin/Aikman relationship with a wr while Witten is there.

So the bottomline is this: I think Jason Garrett has it all correct. Garrett is trying to get that Run/Pass balance. Garrett is trying to get the proper defensive setup. The issue is whether Jerry will stay the course and back Garrett. I even think that our defense will become what it's supposed to be, once the personnel gets there! So Jerry, leave Garrett alone and stop watching ESPN and listening to talk radio. Give the power to Garrett and stay the course. Allow him to manage Romo. Romo may never win the super bowl because he has waisted too many years being Dan Marino.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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