Who's On Your List to Coach the Cowboys And Would They Take the Job?

Usually about this time of the week I go into deep analysis mode on the upcoming opponent. I am an artist by trade and the left-brained, analytic hobby of researching Cowboys opponents provides a nice balance for me during my right-brained day. I use it to take a break from whatever painting I am working on. But this week, I really just can't muster the enthusiasm, because none of it matters. Dallas can find a way to lose any game, regardless of the lead, so no amount of analysis makes any difference.

Instead, lets consider who you would want to coach this club. I'm going with the assumption that the Eagles will win this division on superior coaching and a better defense. (Offensively, I think Dallas has the personnel to compete with anyone, but I don't believe in the scheme or the coaches, on account of the fact that I have a brain.)

A Starter List of Potential Cowboys Coaches

Josh McDaniels, Offensive Coordinator for the New England Patriots. His resume speaks for itself. He knows how to get the most out of tight ends and the slot receiver, so maybe he can make use of Gavin Escobar and James Hanna as complements to Jason Witten while also utilizing Cole Beasley and Dwayne Harris to the best of their abilities. That's just for starters of course, he has many more fine attributes than that.

Mack Brown Juuuuust kidding. Moving on.

Adam Gase, Offensive Coordinator, Denver Broncos. Gase's resume looks pretty great as a result of working with Peyton Manning, but he has other credentials as well. For more on him, check here.

Aaron Kromer, Offensive coordinator, Chicago Bears. Kromer spent five years with the Saints, who have been a consistently fantastic offense for years, He brought much of that with him to Chicago and they are now second only to Denver in points per game. Also, he filled in as interim head coach for several games during Payton's suspension. More about Kromer here

Dan Quin, Defensive Coordinator, Seattle Seahawks. Quin has great experience coaching and teaching defensive lines. Bringing the Seahawks system to Dallas would give them an up-to-date scheme that has proven itself to work at a high level. Quins recent college experience would give him insights into defensive draft prospects this April.

Vic Fangio, Defensive Coordinator, San Francisco 49ers. Fangio is a strait-talking, tough minded defensive coordinator. He was DC for Jim Harbaugh at Stanford and he came with him to San Francisco. He knows defense and he doesn't mince words, although he isn't flamboyant like Rob Ryan was. Fangio would likely want to run the ball a great deal, build a stiffling defense and limit Romo's opportunities to screw up games in the fourth quarter. Not a bad recipe. More about Fangio here.

Art Briles, Head Coach, Baylor University. Wow, what an offensive system to bring to the Dallas Cowboys. This could be very fun to watch. And we already have his leading receiver from 2012 in Terrance Williams. But Jerry would need to get to him before an entity like the University of Texas does, because rumors are swirling right now. More about that here.

This is just a starter list to get some discussion under way. If you're interested in where this discussion could go, then rec this article so it moves up the right margin and we can have this conversation over several days. It may be the best therapy for what is likely to happen in the next two weeks.

So who is on your wish list?

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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