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BTB Ed. Note: We are leaving this post up only to remind people of what NOT TO DO here at BTB. Calling out another member by name is a violation. Just because you are upset about something doesn't mean you can just break the rules. The very gracious way KarlPopperFan responded saved the moderators from having to step in. Thanks Karl, we appreciate it. For more on this, visit this comment. End Note.

I'm sick and tired, sick to death in fact, of the negative trolls getting free reign here while the Cowboys are down on their luck, or just down on their play.

I'm certain this fanpost will have a short lifespan, and might have further repercussions for my account here at BtB.

I'll say this once, so read up: I'm really OK with that.

Flame me. Warn me. Ban me. I don't care.

So my full angst is directed right to Karl there, because (he) has been one of the most vocal bunches of sour grapes in recent weeks. In the 4th quarter thread, when everyone was down, there he was, rubbing it in, and being obnoxious in the process.

You're not a fan.

Maybe you were, once. Don't give me that, "I'm allowed to say anything just like you."

You're right, absolutely correct. But your incessant negativity is trying on even the most patient person. Everyone has been frustrated these last few weeks, to a person. It's a fact that the Cowboys have not played well. That does not make it necessary or right to rub salt in the wounds AT EVERY SINGLE OPPORTUNITY. If you enjoy seeing your team fail, even for an espoused "better plan" you ought to evaluate your motivation.

I'm not a fan of the "You don't like it? Get out!" mentality at all, and it pains me to even say this because I'm in danger of relenting on that stance. But seriously, this is a fan site, not a pile on the boys when they are down while you gloat smugly site.

If those are your feelings, why be here? Everyone expresses fandom differently, but I just don't consider someone who comes to post nothing positive to be a fan.

Karl is not the only one. I've had multiple comments removed for firing back. There are prominent Romo haters who generously label other categories of fans, (against the rules?) and trolls who repeatedly and with endless stamina pop in only when there's a nice opening to place a knife.

I'm really over the whole atmosphere here lately. Yet I want to come back to read and share opinions because I will never turn off a Cowboys game, no matter how bad, and I will support this team out of pure loyalty, whether misguided or not. There are a lot of intelligent posters here across the spectrum of viewpoints, and there is value in what mostly everyone says. That said:

Haters, naysayers, doom and gloomers, SUCK IT.

I hope that I've opened a can of worms by sinking to this level, because the pervading poor attitudes and actions of some of our "fans" are truly driving me away - and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

Maybe I'm just the first to speak up.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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