How can we win?

I am going to believe until I can't anymore. I guess that's just my make-up. I will continue to surrender to my optimism until the death knell tolls and we are no longer playing football next week, which nearly undoubtedly will happen very soon.

Unfortunately for the naysayers, their time hasn't yet arrived. Today is the Monday before, not the Monday after. What will be written about in exactly seven days time is yet to be set in stone... as of now.

What do you want to be written in next Monday's paper?

I believe what I want to read, other than obviously Dallas wins, is that the coaches continue with their conservative, run-first game plan, scheme the defense to find stops, get key turnovers and win in thrilling fashion. I do not believe that these Cowboys blow ANYBODY out... however, I do believe that we can win by two possessions if we play clutch in the fourth quarter and get a key stop.

Even if the headlines are that we lost, I do not want to see Tony Romo mentioned anywhere. I want to see LeSean McCoy featured if we lose. I want to see Nick Foles featured if we lose. I do not want this game to come down to a Tony Romo mistake, and honestly, I don't think it will.

Tony had some hard luck.. those days are over in my belief. I believe if Eagles fans are hoping for a Romo meltdown that they will be sadly mistaken. If they are hoping for a victory, sure, they have a chance... But I thoroughly believe that the Cowboys' number is being called. Right now.

Did we play like champions all year? Sometimes. But we deserve it if we take it from the Eagles now. If we don't, kudos to the Greengles. They have had their share of righteous success with their approach, but they've also had their share of egregious defeats, including losing to a mentally beatable Cowboys team 17-3.

I believe this game is akin to the second game of the season, when the Eagles played a similar opponent in the San Diego Chargers, after a similar beatdown of epic proportions in week one against the Redskins.

After watching the Eagles beat the Redskins, I believed they might be unbeatable, as the hype was suggesting. Next week, the Chargers, looking imminently beatable after surrendering a huge lead to the Texans at HOME, came through and beat the Eagles 33-30.

I predict the exact same score in this contest.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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