In response to viciousphilpy's fanpost

I really enjoyed his highly optimistic post about how the Cowboys are going to win the Superbowl. If you haven't read it, take a look:

Viciousphilpy's fanpost

Here is my rendition of the only possible way we could win the superbowl this year because his scenario is far to easy, and as we all know Cowboys never do it the easy way.

Week 17 Cowboys - Eagles:

Eagles pound us early, Shady has not 1, not 2, but 3 huge runs for touchdowns in the first half. Lee is back but gets hurt in the second play of the game. Ware also goes down. Miraculously, they both come back in the second half and play lights out. Lee gets an interception and Ware gets a sack/strip/recovery trifecta which the offense is able to turn into TDs. Cowboys win.

Rd 1 Cowboys - Saints:

It looks just like the regular season game, we can't stop them to save our lives. Carr gets burned by Graham twice for TDs and we go 3 and out on every possession of the first half. Instead of an inspiring halftime speech Garrett's stoic face finally breaks and he bursts into tears sobbing uncontrollably. Somehow, the team gets it and plays the best second half football of their lives. Cowboys win.

Rd 2 Cowboys - Panthers:

Cowboys actually win quite convincingly. They get a lead early and use Demarco Murray to pound the Panthers into submission. Everyone asks: "why can't the Cowboys always play like this?" Cowboys win.

Rd 3 Cowboys - Seahawks:

Cowboys are actually riding some momentum here and the media gives them kudos. Some even pick them to win. Unfortunately, Romo has 4 first half picks (two were his fault, and two were clearly on the receiver). The halftime show blasts Romo and calls him the greatest choker of all time. Second half, Romo carries the team and leads them to within two points. With time winding down, the D actually forces a 3 and out. Romo marches down the field and sets up the game winning field goal. In a weird act of defiance, Romo decides to hold the snap. It goes of perfectly. Cowboys win.

Superbowl Cowboys - Broncos:

A shoot out for the ages. Romo and Manning go toe to toe but can't out duel each other It is tied up 49 - 49 and Manning has the ball with 1:37 left on the clock. Manning marches them down the field and gets into field goal range. They kick as time expires but it sails wide left. Overtime! Cowboys win the toss. Dwayne Harris returns the kick for a touchdown. Cowboys win.

Also this is is my first fanpost so please feel free to critique it as hard as you like. I wanna give a big shout out to all the FPW's for all their great work. This was pretty tedious and this post is entirely imagination. No research required. So thanks guys.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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