Boldest Prediction: Eagles Vs. Cowboys

Alright, I'll admit it, I had a little fun with the last prediction. I have always thought other peoples' predictions are as boring as listening to them describe their dreams... "last night I dreamt I was an Orange..."

How I did cringe while hearing the news on Tony Romo. The first thing I thought was that my prediction is now not even a possibility. Then I was a little embarrassed that my first thought was about a stupid message board post.

After a day of contemplation I see two different things happening in Sunday Night's game, if it were to turn out victorious for the Cowboys... convoluted as they may be, these are my musings on the future and I welcome yours as well.

Scenario One


Philadelphia, riding high on their blowout defeat of the Bears in their Lincoln Field regular season finale, recieve the ball and play fast and loose on the first possession against Dallas. They are able to move the ball swiftly to the thirty, but when things look their bleakest for the Cowboys' Faithful, the Eagles dial up a WR Screen/Slant/Read Option/Play Action all on the same play and it results in a loss of yards.

This lone failure leaves their further attempts to move the rock for a first fruitless, forcing a fourth and 3. They go for it, and are stopped by the LB (Carter, Lee, Holloman) who gets into the backfield free because of Demarcus Ware, who, for once, decides not to take a wide angle at the quarterback, but just bullrush the Tackle.

Dallas gets the ball and pounds the rock at the Eagles, who know it is coming, but can't once stop it for a loss. Every run seems to be getting at least 2, but often times 5 yards. A play action pass to a single covered Cole Beasley puts the Cowboys in the red zone, before they WR screen to Dez Bryant, giving the Eagles a taste of their own medicine for an opening drive TD.

The energy is at an all time high as the Cowboys come out to try the PAT. It's a FAKE! in the strangest elimination game chicanery, the Cowboys fake the PAT and pass it in.

Philadelphia, no slouches themselves, come out with vim and vigor. They run the rock for two first downs before they run into trouble and are in 3rd and long. They convert. The Eagles run it from there and get the TD.

Philly's own 2 point hubris from running goal line plays all day during the preseason, as well as having LeSean McCoy, forces their hand and they are lining up to go for two. They try a swing pass-slant-wr screen combo play that gets DeSean Jackson screaming for the ball. He doesn't get it and the play ends in an incompletion.


Dallas and Philly, both having run significant time off the clock with their three drives, have left 5 minutes on the clock in the 2nd Quarter, now the Cowboys come out and play action with the first play, a completion of 15 yards that is busted for YAC by Dez Bryant for 25. They are now at the 50 yard line and hand the ball to Demarco 2 out of the next three plays. From the forty with three minutes remaining, Kyle Orton goes four wide outs and hands the ball to DeMarco who breaks it to the twenty five. The drive looks to be stalling as Orton throws two incompletions, but on third and ten he connects with Jason Witten, hurries them to the line and hands off to Demarco again, who gets five yards and we are inside the ten on 2nd and 4.

A play action screen to Dez Bryant fools the Eagles defense for a second time, as they were in zone for the coming play, giving the Cowboys a TD with a minute forty remaining in the half. A Dan Bailey PAT puts the Cowboys up 9 with a score of DAL 15-PHI 6.

After the Eagles fail on consecutive plays they run the clock out and we are at half with Dallas recieving.


Dallas runs the ball diligently, eating the clock as well as Philly's will to fight. The drive looks pretty pathetic from Philly's D who gives up a TD to Demarco Murray from two yards out.

DAL 22-PHI 6.

Philly only manages a long FG

DAL 22-PHI 9

DAL takes time off the clock, but has to punt for the first time

DAL 22-PHI 9

PHI can't capitalize, the announcers bemoan Philly's lack of firepower


DAL 25-PHI 9

PHI - Sterling Moore interception

DAL Punt


DAL 25-PHI 15


DAL 25-PHI 17




DAL 28-PHI 20

DAL punt

PHI stopped.

Game. my prediction. DAL 28-PHI 20.

Scenario 2

Tony Romo toughs it out, and plays the same game we've seen him play this year, minus a big turnover, leads the team to the game winning FG, dallas wins 33-31

I want to see some dreams people!

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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