What would I do? Part 1

I know, I Know, its a little early for off season talk with a win or go home game against the Eagles coming up. Do not get me wrong here, I want the Boys to pull it off and be successful but it still makes me think about our future. I will start a series of scenarios going into the 2014 draft. This is going to be my opinions on what they should do for the upcoming season. (no matter what happens in the season now).

My first scenario involves a lot of trades and cuts. Here is my checklist for this off season.

1) Trade DeMarcus Ware: I pains me to even type this sentence out but I think it is time to trade him and start young on the defensive line. A team like Rams would be amazed to have that offer. Yeah his contract will eat up some space from the cap but JJ can work his magic. Try to get a 1st or 2nd round draft pick for this year.

2) Cut Austin for Post-June 1 cut- Overpaid wide receiver that is under performing. We save 5-million if we cut him I believe. We are left with Dez, williams, beasly and harris.

3) Sign Dez Bryant and Tyron Smith- These players are my top priority to resign to a long term deal. It won't be easy with our cap situation but it will benefit our future.

4) Resign Number 97- I like to have him back for the next 2 years on a reasonable price. He brings leadership to the defensive line. only for the right price.

5) Sign Dan Bailey- his contract ends the end of the 2013 season. He is my top priority in terms of free agents.

6) Renegotiate contracts of veterans such as Carr, Romo, Witten and Free.

7) Trade Morris Claiborne: Yeah I must say he pretty much a bust at this point. Only 2nd year but he hasnt contributed like a first round pick. Try to get back that 1st pick but a 2nd would do.

8) Trade up in the 3rd round for 4th and 2 7th picks.

Now we got the checklist out of the way lets go to the draft and see where to take certain positions in my mind that is a good way to start.

1st (round): Pass rusher

1st (trade Ware pick) : Pass Rusher

2nd : Defensive Tackle

2nd (Claiborne Trade): Middle Linebacker

3rd: Outside Linebacker

3rd( Trade up): Cornerback

5th: Guard or Tackle

6th: Defensive Lineman

6th (I believe we got a 6th round for a trade we did early in the season)- Sam Linebacker

7th- Guard or Tackle.

With this being done lets go through the position groups of the draft.

I went heavy on defense especially the defensive line.The new defensive line consist of:

1st, 1st, 2nd, Hatcher, Crawford, Bass, Selvie, and 6th


Sean Lee, Bruce Carter, Durant, Holloman, 2nd, 3rd, and 6th.


Scandrick, Carr, 3rd, Moore, and Webb

Now we have some pretty good depth at the defensive line position and linebackers. Corner is pretty good depth as well. This draft will improve our defensive line and depth. It also provides some depth at the offensive line with a guard and tackle.

This is my first scenario which may not come true but some of it is possible. I will post a second scenario after the season is over.

I want to hear all of your fellow BtBers opinons.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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