2014 Mock Draft: Post-Apocalyptic Romo Surgery Edition

Scenario: Dallas loses to Philadelphia in the NFC East Championship game, 38-28. Dallas ends up drafting at #16 in Round one of the 2014 NFL Draft.

I am not going to go nuts in this mock, well, not completely anyway. I am going to assume that Tony Romo's surgery went really well, and that by May 8th of 2014, Romo's back has healed up very nicely and that he at this point is rehabilitating like a warrior would. All signs point to Romo returning as strong as ever!

However, since back injuries are very serious and chances are that he could re-injure his back with a bad hit, I think that the Cowboys will be approaching this draft with an eye on possibly drafting Romo's future replacement, albeit not in the first round. That being said, if a highly rated QB were to fall to #16 (Brett Hundley, Blake Bortles, Johnny Manziel) I think Dallas would have to jump on the QB in the 1st, unless some team would offer a trade to move up that Dallas couldn't refuse. In this mock, that is the scenario that I envision. Houston is drafting #1 and needs a QB, but the best player available is DE Jadeveon Clowney, who CAN play OLB or DE in a 3-4. So in this mock I have Houston taking Clowney, Jacksonville taking QB Teddy Bridgewater, Oakland taking QB Blake Bortles, Cleveland taking QB Derek Carr, and Minnesota taking QB Brett Hundley. The next several teams don't need a QB, so QB Johnny Manziel falls to Dallas' spot at #16. Houston, whose next pick is the first pick of the second round, speculates that Manziel will not fall to #33, and offers the Cowboys a trade for the #16 overall pick, which Dallas counter-offers and finally a deal is made.

Houston gets Dallas' 1st round pick, (#16 overall), one of Dallas' 7th round picks (#212 overall)

Dallas gets Houstons' 2nd round pick (#33 overall) , 3rd round pick (#65 overall) 6th round pick (#170 overall) , and Houstons' 2015 1st round pick

Now the Draft begins.

Rd 2) (from Houston, #33 overall) DT Aaron Donald, Pitt

Rd 2) (#48 overall) DE Kony Ealy, Missouri

Rd 3)(from Houston, #65 overall) QB Jimmy Garoppolo, Eastern Illinois

Rd 3)(#80 overall) DT Kelcy Quarles, South Carolina

Rd 4)(#112 overall) ILB Greg Blair, Cincinnati

Rd 5)(#143 overall) DT Caraun Reid, Princeton

Rd 6)(from Houston, #160 overall) DE Cassius Marsh, UCLA

Rd 7) WR T.J. Jones, Notre Dame

Rd 7) CB Pierre Desir, Lindenwood

Rd 7)(comp pick) OG Spencer Long, Nebraska

There it is. The post-apocalyptic Romo-surgery Defensive draft of 2014, which fixes the defensive line and brings QB and LB depth, along with developmental OG and CB.

What's your take?? (Let me have it, I've got thick skin).

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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