NFC East: The BEast Report (Week 14 Edition)

Manning teaches Bob the secrets to making an "Eli-Face" - Rob Carr

With this edition of the Weekly BEast Report, we get to say "see ya'" to one division opponent, but also find ourselves neck and neck with another.

New York Giants (5-7)

New York Giants 24
Washington Redskins 17

Next Up: at the San Diego Chargers

Justin Tuck Sacks Robert Griffin III Four Times In NT Giants 24-17 Win Over Redskins - Ebenezer Samuel, New York Daily News

The Giants finally manufactured a little bit of their own luck (and got some help from a herd of zebras) in defeating the Washington Redskins. As much as it pains me to admit it, I enjoyed watching the aging Justin Tuck show shades of what made him a key member of the Giants defensive line. It is always nice to see a player get to Bobby Trey on four occasions, even it that player is from a hated division rival.

NFL: Play Should Have Been Stopped In Giants-Redskins - Gregg Rosenthal,

There was blame to go around here. Head linesman Phil McKinnely incorrectly motioned for the chain crew to advance the chains. Only a referee can rule and signal a first down, so multiple people made a mistake in not waiting for the first-down signal from Triplette before moving the chains.

Triplette also was in error. He explained after the game that he didn't want to stop the game "because that would've given an unfair advantage" to the Redskins.

The league has declined to state if there will be any disciplinary action taken against any member of the Triplette officiating crew, but a source close to the situation has stated that if there is a sanction against an official, it will not include a suspension.

2014 NFL Draft Order: Giants Currently Sit 14th - Ed Valentine, Big Blue View

A nice middle of the road pick awaits for our friends from the Big Apple. From my point of view, a couple more wins for "Big Blue" would be nice.

NFC Playoff Picture: Giants Still Clinging To Slim Chance - Ed Valentine, Big Blue View

If Dallas gets to nine wins the Giants cannot win the division even if they also get to nine wins. The Cowboys and Eagles hold tie-breaker advantages over the Giants that would knock the Giants out. If the Eagles win the division and end up tied with the Giants in the division tie-breaker, a possibility, then "common games" could come into play. In games vs. common opponents, including division games, the Giants are 4-5 with three to play. The Eagles are 5-3 with four to play.

Washington Redskins (3-9)

New York Giants 24
Washington Redskins 17

Next Up: home against the Kansas City Chiefs

Washington Redskins Commit Penalties, Drop Balls, Muff A Snap, In Loss To New York Giants - Mike Jones, Washington Post

“We lost composure, we lost everything. We lost yards, we left points out there, we left yards out there. We lost everything. . . . We have a lot of problems, obviously.” - Pierre Garcon

It would be easy for Washington to blame the latest loss on the above mentioned officiating mistake but Garcon places the blame squarely on a team that did not get the job done.

Dousing The Dumpster Fire: Repairing The Redskins In 2014 - RAKohn22, Hogs Haven

The 2013 Washington Redskins are, from top-to-bottom, an utter debacle; a fiasco so wholly horrific that I wince when I tell people at school that I'm a fan of the team, and often fight the urge to dry heave when I watch them attempt to play football.

Although I am tempted to gloat, I remember that the Cowboys still have a week 16 date at FedEx Field, and I am not willing to risk the ire of the football gods. You know what they say about karma.

Redskins vs Giants: A Tale Of Two Halves - Mark Tyler, Hogs Haven

Tyler gives us an honest breakdown of the Sunday night game, the only thing he forgot was to open with "It was the best of times; it was the worst of times" but then too, some guy named Dickens already used that line.

Should Washington Redskins Fire Mike Shanahan - Kevin Patra,

"I don't think getting rid of a coach is going to correct the problem. ... Make Mike Shanahan take a pay cut, if you are really committed to making this team better. There are a lot of guys that will not have jobs after this season due to their lack of production as a player. There will be a lot of guys that will have to take pay cuts to remain on this team due to their lack of production. And the head coach and all these other coaches have had a lack of production. So why shouldn't they take a pay cut?"

That's the take of former Redskin turned radio personality LaVar Arrington.

Philadelphia Eagles (7-5)

Arizona Cardinals 21
Philadelphia Eagles 24

Next Up: Home against the Detroit Lions

Foles Stays Hot To Lead Streaking Eagles Past Cards - CBS Sportswire

''Big thing for Nick is his experience, 'He's getting better and better and making good decisions. We trust him because he's a good decision-maker. You're starting to see him grow.''- Chip Kelly

As for that vaunted interception free streak, well Nick managed to dodge a bullet this week. Patrick Peterson picked off an errant Foles pass only to have it negated by a penalty.

''It wasn't a smart decision. It was a mistake. 'I was happy there was a penalty. I was off-balance and threw across the middle. That's a no-no.''- Nick Foles

NFC Playoff Picture 2013: Reviewing The Eagles Remaining Schedule - Brandon Lee Gowton, Bleeding Green Nation

1) Seattle Seahawks (10-1) - NFC West
2) New Orleans Saints (9-2) - NFC South
3) Detroit Lions (7-5) - NFC North
4) Dallas Cowboys (7-5) - NFC East
5) Carolina Panthers (9-3) - WC1
6) San Francisco 49ers (8-4) - WC2
7) Philadelphia Eagles (7-5) - One spot out of the playoffs

I can live with the Eagles one spot out, how 'bout you?

Chip Kelly's "College Offense" Has Philadelphia Eagles Soaring - Michael Silver,

Though it's a tad premature to conclude that NFL teams fear the Eagles, who until Sunday hadn't beaten an opponent that currently owns a winning record, there's no question that the franchise has been energized by Kelly's jump to the pros.

Yeah, soaring might be a stretch, but it is the NFL's hype machine. What is not up for debate is that the Dallas Cowboys are going to have to out-fight Kelly's flock to win the NFC East.

Chip Kelly Shouldn't Outsmart Himself - Ashley Fox,

Thinking you're smarter than everybody else doesn't win you games. In the National Football League, it costs you games. And if the Eagles are going to do something special this season -- and they are poised to make the postseason for the first time since 2010 -- they can't have their head coach making mistakes born of hubris.

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