In all honesty, 2014 does not look Promising

Yeah, yeah.

Overreaction Monday. Same ole' Cowboys. Three straight 8-8 seasons with season ending heart breakers.

I'm perfectly aware of how easy it is to write a negative piece about our beloved Cowboys after another NFC East loss that cost us another shot at the playoffs. Its incredibly easy to stand up and use hindsight to my advantage diagnosing the play calling, injuries and overall sub-par performance of this team.

But this season is over and mistakes were made that need to be corrected for 2014. That being said, in all honesty how much faith do you have as a fan that this organization will make the necessary changes to catapult us to success?

Me personally? I have none.

I've been a fan for many years and even during the Dave Campo era , I had the utmost belief that somehow the front office would find a way to get us back to 90's glory. Though for 2014, there are too many holes to cover in this dam.

Our core players (Romo, Witten, Ware) are on the wrong side of 30 and their bodies are showing signs of strain from years of football. Our future core players either have a hard time staying on the field or simply don't make enough plays (Lee, Carter, Claiborne) to really make a case for hope.

Our Salary Cap situation is a disaster. To even get another Justin Durant type player will be a miracle.

Our core DT's could give a crap about the team. Yeah, its a business and Hatch deserves the money but we already lost one disgruntled Pro Bowl DT and now were about to lose another. Hatch has publicly stated he doesn't care where he goes. And he's our best defensive lineman? Talk about indifference. How do you think that translates to the other young D-Linemen on the team?

Last year I was on the 'Hire new Coordinators; Keep Garrett' bandwagon and somehow the Cowboys found a way to achieve the same results. All the while, Rob Ryan is coaching a top rated defense, made mince meat out of the Cowboys and is currently game planning for the Eagles. He did this with a defense that was historically bad the season prior. Now our defense is historically bad and our offensive play calling is about the same, which still isn't good. We all can agree that Callahan and Kiffin need to go, but does anyone have any faith that the next guy up will make the difference? Marinelli should get the DC job and I think would do well but, if we're banking on Ware, Lee and godforbid Matt Johnson to stay healthy, at this point I feel I'm just fooling myself.

Yes, there's always the draft. But how many pieces do we need? A lot. We need to start developing a new QB. We need an entirely new defense. Safeties, Corners, LB dept and Defensive Linemen.

Two positives I will note: The O-Line did improve and last year's draft is appearing to be a very strong class. I fear that this is a to little to late predicament and even still the season ended the same.

Three years of the same does not improve my opinion of Garrett either. He'll be back for 2014 and I'm willing to bet that he won't be for 2015. How can anyone keep their job with a putrid defense, an old and possibly broken QB and no money to spend?

I remember there was a season in which the media was asking Romo, Witten and Ware if the 'window was closing' on their opportunities to make a run for glory.

That was two years ago.

Face it folks, the window has essentially closed and the rebuilding window appears to be jammed for next season.

Please feel free to blast this post with a hot injection of positivity. I'm simply just tired of being a fool.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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