The New Demarcus

Demarcus will be our weakside defensive end for another 10 years.
It just won't be the Demarcus you think.

Many people think that we will let go of Demarcus Ware this offseason. Even if he doesn't "retire," there is one defensive end that would be perfect for this team in the upcoming draft, and the price is right.

I said in my fanpost earlier today that our first pick absolutely HAS to be a defensive tackle, and I stand by that statement.

But after we trade out of the first round to pick up a quality defensive tackle who will anchor the line of the future, whom will attack from the edge?

Demarcus Lawrence

I don't know if you've heard about this guy, but he's recently declared for draft eligibility. He looks to be a late second round to third round prospect. Why would I be suggesting that we bet our pass rushing future on a potential third rounder? Well, because of his skillset of course. The reason he is a mid round prospect is the same reason that he will make a spectacular fit for this team. He's small.

He's what is known as a "Leo" in Pete Carrol's 4-3 defense. In fact, I'd bet good money that Pete is taking a long hard look at Demarcus Lawrence as well. The "Leo" is essentially the weakside defensive end.

He's a tweener, at 245 lbs. He must ALWAYS play the weakside. If a tight end motions to his end, he better swap sides with Tyrone Crawford. He's a small but athletic and skilled lineman, who is particularly adept at handling the option play.

That's right, his greatest strength is Demarcus Wares' weakness.

Not only does he play the option well, but he's a balanced speed/bull rusher. When he uses a speed attack he can bend around the edge and contain the pocket. When he bull rushes he uses his hands and leverage to stand up the tackle. His favorite move seems to be standing the tackle up and swatting his way inside.

Last year, he compiled 10.5 sacks and 20.5 tackles for loss. Not bad.

He's not, from what we can tall, as dangerous a pass rusher as Demarcus Ware(who is?), but is a similarly balanced defender who will break up option plays for years to come. While he tends to get off balance at times, and will be considered undersized to most, to me Demarcus looks like the perfect person for Demarcus to pass the torch to.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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