Creating an SB Nation "Do Not Read" List

A couple of years ago I found a story on the Saints blog, Canal St Chronicles, that showed how to block other users if you use Chrome or Safari. I linked the post in a FanShot and several people enjoyed the feature. A year later people were asking for it again, so I re-linked it a 2nd time. Now I am being asked about it again.

This time I contacted the man who wrote the original piece and asked for permission to copy & paste his work over here. Dave Cariello graciously granted that permission this afternoon. I am not going to do the entire article, just the directions, but I will link it. Please click the link for the questions you might have.

Yes, this gets you into the realm of self censorship. However if someone pushes your buttons to the degree that you can't stand even knowing they exist, this is a option for you.

Your options are blocking all posts by a certain user, lets use OCC as an example. You get a grayed out bar saying he made a comment, but you can't see said comment. You can however see the replies to his comment. You can also choose to block all replies to his comments. That way you don't wonder what it is that they are commenting about that you can't read.

Here is the link, then the copy and paste.

How to Install

This technology is only available for Google Chrome and Safari users but let's face it, why would you be using anything else in the first place. If you're using one of those two browsers, follow the instructions below. If you're not, get with the times and download one of them, then follow the instructions below.


To install in Google Chrome, follow this link to the Chrome Web Store and click the "Install" button.

To configure, disable, or uninstall the plugin, click the wrench, and choose Tools -> Extensions. You can click the "options" link to configure the re-scan interval and list of users to be black-listed.


To install in Safari, click this link to download the latest version. If it does not automatically install, just click on the "sbnbl.safariextz" file in your downloads folder. When new versions are available, it will auto-upgrade.

To configure, go to Preferences and click the "Extensions" tab. You can change the re-scan interval, and the comma-separated list of users to be black-listed.

Thank you Dave Cariello for granting permission to copy this over here on BTB.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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