All i want for Christmas, Draft Version

Ok, so the Draft is not really anywhere near Christmas. But, it's a time for wish lists. I saw a comment on a front page article that said "All I want for Christmas is another piece for the Oline. I agree.

I do not follow college football, so I don't know all the names out there, or what positions are strong this year, or any of that. I won't know these things until BTB turns it's focus that way, which hopefully is not until February.

That being said, here is what I want in April:

Round 1: Offensive line.

-Currently we have two young studs....and three other guys. Before Waters got hurt, we had two young studs, one old stud, and two other guys. That was OK. Since Waters has been hurt, the line hasn't been terrible, but it has not been great. If we could get one more really good guy on the line, we would have three reliable guys under the age of 25. That's something you can build on.

Round 2: Defensive Line

-It hasn't been good this year. Hatcher has been great, but is most likely headed out of town. Let's just hope he lands in the AFC. Other than that, Ware is getting old. We've had great success with fill ins, and I think Selvie and Hayden can continue to start on this team. But we need to start bringing in young blood.

Round 3: Safety

-In my eyes, we have two good safeties. Church and Wilcox are both pretty good, not great. One more pretty good guy to throw in the mix would promote competition. Plus, Wilcox will have a year under his belt.

Round 4: Defensive Line

-See all the reasons above. I think we need more than one.

Rounds 5-7: More Defense

-Really, if we solidify the line, I think all of the other pieces on Offense are pretty good. As we all know, TE is not a priority. If Miles leaves, I think Williams, Harris and Beasly can fill that hole just fine. My one other offensive concern is Running Back. However, I think we should give Murray one more year, and expand Dunbar's role next year. We also have two young backs in Randle and Tanner that could still step up, and they probably have as much upside as anyone you're going to get after the first two rounds anyway.

-Defense, on the other hand, seems to be more injury prone, and we need depth and youth.

Overall, I believe that if we get a high grade o-linemen and then load up on defense, this draft could be the one that puts us into a good position to make some noise next year. If we can get contributions next year from as many rookies as we did this year, we could go places.


Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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