No need to mock the Texans vs Jags Here's a Mock Draft

The college football season is nearing an end so after a while players will only be judged by combine numbers and "expert" opinions based on combine numbers. Nevertheless getting familiar with the names that could be called when the boys pick is always nice because whether you like the pick or not you at least understand what they see in them.

Lets take a look at the needs

1. DT. Specifically 3-tech with Hatcher soon departing and unsure of the role Crawford and Bass play in 2014

2. OG. Waters is old, Bernie is Bernie and Leary has degenerative knee issues

3. FS. Is Heath the answer at FS or are we hoping Matt Johnson survives preseason

4. DE. Spencer is likely to walk but we do get Crawford and Bass back adding to the no name d-line

5. CB. Can we count on Morris Claiborne?

6. LB. Has Bruce Carter turned the corner? Do we have the depth if Durant and Sims are not back?

7. WR. Not a pressing need but we have to realistically consider Miles Austin not being apart of the team in 2014. In the event of an injury who takes the field?

8. QB. Cleveland stole the Tanney mid season, will Jerry look to the draft for a development project?


1st Round - Timmy Jernigan (DT) FSU - Jernigan is a combination of strength and quickness making him a fit for the 3-tech. Has learned to play against the double team and is not easily pushed around making him a force vs the run and pass.

2nd Round - Tre Boston (FS) UNC - Boston is the Center fielder the Cowboys need to solidify the back end. Played corner before the move to safety so he has coverage skills. He's shown he's comfortable playing the deep middle and has the ball skills to make plays when the opportunity presents itself

3rd Round - David Yankey (OG) Stanford - Can play tackle or guard but he's better suited at the OG spot. Could plug in right away at RG and move over to LG in the event of injury

4th Round - Chris Smith (DE) Arkansas - A speed freak of a DE who comes off the edge in a blur to attack the QB. The SEC sack leader will bring another pass rush element to Marinelli and the RUSHMEN.

5th Round - Jaylen Watkins (CB) Florida - Not a name guy on the vaunted gator defense but has the size and speed to play at the next level. He either pushes Mo to the next level or he's the reason we push Mo out the door.

7th Round - Jay Bromely (DT) Syracuse - Another 3-tech who has the ability to get after the QB. Has some of the best sack numbers for DT in the nation

7th Round - Anthony Hitchens (LB) Iowa - Athletic linebacker out of Iowa. I watched him play against Nebraska and he was always around the ball. He'd be a great add if he's here this late.

7th Round - Casey Pachall (QB) TCU - Had his off field issues but in the 7th round no real risk if he falls off the wagon. I think staying in the metroplex will be good for him mentally and he has the tools to be a good NFL QB if he can stay out of his own way.


Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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