Little bit of this, or little bit of that?

Why is it that as fans, and FPW’s; we always want to choose between this or that? Is Jones the next Emmitt? Is Barber the new #1 back? Is Murray the 1,000 yard rusher we’ve been waiting for? Is Dunbar what this running game has been missing? Is Dez the best WR in the league? Does Williams make Austin obsolete? Does Wilber mean we can cut ties with Durant?

It's literary become a weekly routine to see who the new pro-bowler is and who should be cut, even on this informed site. Do any of us ever take pause to think about things before we speak/type? (Other than me because I obviously do not!) Why is it we refuse to learn from years past?

There was a time when Aikman stunk, not a little but a lot. You can’t say it was because of his line because then I get to say the same thing for Romo.

There was a time when Irvin did too. Haley refused to practice because of his back yet people were on Waters because he did not want to go through camp. Most of the "great wall" of Dallas were chumps until one day, they were not.

Yet these days, if you don’t make the pro-bowl your rookie year, we say pack your things and head to Philly, we don’t need you!

I really do not get it. Murray is not Emmitt or AP, he will never be, ever. Stop being surprised when he’s hurt or has a bad game. He’s a very good back though, somehow 15th in the league after missing games to injury and on a team that hates to run. 22nd in attempts and 15th in yards, nice.

He’s also tied for 6th in rushing TD’s, after missing games on a team that hates to run! Not bad Mr. Murray. You are not a pro-bowler and you are sure not Emmitt, but you’re the best we’ve had in a while.

The oline. There are still those who suggest we ignore the oline and JJ/JG do not get it. Two first round picks, correctly bringing in Leary, getting it right on Bernie, at least partially rehabbing Free and let the world kiss my John Thomas for suggesting Fredbeard was a reach! This line will be a strength of the team next year.

My favorite is the suggestion that because we picked up a FB off the street we’re giving up on the 12 and admitting defeat. Rather than seeing we added a player who offers more than an average RB to replace Dunbar, some think this is the end of the 12. He can play ST's, TE and is an emergency long snapper. We’re going into cold weather against a bad run D, great move. I would not be surprised to see him cut next week.

Man it gets old with the way some of you jump on players, schemes and coaches. You think Heath wanted to not only start but have to play most of the snaps because there was no depth behind him? You think Monty takes the job if Rat, Spenc, Crawford and Bass are on IR?

So settle down and give these guys a chance, please. Escobar might not live up to a 2nd round pick, that does not mean he can’t help the team and have a good career. Randle’s not gonna break records, he still might be a great 5th round pick who can help us a lot. Johnson might be healthy next year! OK, I admit that one was reaching…

If you think Monty’s to blame, don’t hope Rod is DC next year, it’s the same D. If you’re tired of the same old thing, don’t wish for JG to be fired, because the same old thing is firing coaches every few years.

Just sit back, enjoy the games, yell when a WR drops a pass, scream when we run for -1, get upset when Escobar or Hana miss a block and all that. But do not yell for people to be fired and cut. Don't buy gear or go to the games if you think that hurts JJ and makes you feel better.

We have great coaches and scouts. They have been addressing needs and dealing with injuries. We’re in position to win the division again, even with all the injuries. There is not a coach on the planet who could come in and fix everything or anything, imo. JG needs one more year, not to win the SB, but to right the ship for the future.

It’s not black or white, it’s not good or evil, you don’t have to be with us or against us and it’s sure as hell not this or that!

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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