And that was the season, peeps... you just don't realize it yet.

Let's talk defense. Dallas, ahem - I mean, Jerry Jones fired Rob Ryan for this? Wowee. What a return on investment. Dallas did what they have patented, they choked in a game that will have more implications than you know. For starters, they actually let a pretty bad Eagles team jump ahead of them in the division. What does that make them? Even more bad? You decide.

Let's talk offense. Classic "we need this win" Romo - Dallas gets the ball in Chicago territory after a really good Harris return with a chance to make it a game and what does Romo, ahem - I mean, "the offense" do with the opportunity to make it a game? They go three and out. Perfect. He, ahem - I mean, they dribble the ball away on 4th down with a chance to get back in it a little later. People, this is not winning football we are witnessing this year. This is waaaaay far away from anything resembling championship.

Here's how this will all go down this year. We will win next week. We will probably win the following week. So will the Eagles. Then we will play them to see who wins the division and gets to play an actual NFL calibre team in the playoffs and get manhandled there in a classic one and out performance. THEN! Everyone in Dallas will start talking nonsense about how they have taken a step forward because they got back into the playoffs! Yeah. Like they actually accomplished something this year. They will ignore the fact that they played basically exactly the same as they did the year before when they didn't make it to the playoffs.

But, hey, it was cold out there. Romo's little tooshie was really cold and he just couldn't concentrate. So, he kept gesturing towards the receivers who "weren't in the right place" (wink wink) - and weren't getting to his painfully under thrown ice balls.

Now, speaking of ice balls. As in crystal 'nads. Can we talk about Sean Lee? His got cracked in Chicago and he couldn't come back. That hurt the defense but the defense was already hurt even with him in there. So, it didn't matter! We had Carr in there whiffing on the ball when he should have been playing the receivers! We had the ref's making phantom calls on the defense like hits to the head! Did anyone see a hit to the head??? I re-wound and didn't see that either.

Look. The NFL needed Chicago to win. So they did. But make no mistakes, Dallas is in trouble and it couldn't be coming at a worse time. They have played poorly three games in a row and have won two! That say's something (I don't know what) about the state of the game in general but that is another post. I think they make the playoffs as a wild card - maybe. Maybe they win the division! It doesn't really matter. My gut (burp) says the Eagles with a rookie coach - a rookie coach, people - wins the East. Both teams get demolished in the playoffs. And the off season starts again and gets us amped up for more of the same.

By the way.... where was Dez tonight? Just askin'. Thought he may have stayed in Dallas where it is warmer.

Like I've said in earlier posts, I had to set the kool-aid down about 5 games ago when I suddenly realized we have a loser at QB and a dysfunctional owner who thinks he's a GM. Happy, happy, happy times in Texas!

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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