Another Crazy Idea!

I really enjoyed reading Hard Hitting Safeties, Difference Makers, Playmakers. Draft and Play it Safe(ty) because like everyone else I agree that we need a decent Safety!

Current Players:

I understand the great tackling Sensabaugh is currently our #1 guy, but we're the Cowboys and we don't like mediocrity! We are America's team whether America likes it or not - so Forbes you Cowboy haters!

Church and Johnson, In my opinion and from others, have potential and could potentially make a great tandem in center-field, ala Waters and Harris? jk jk Downside is the obvious lack of experience/injuries.... isn't there a "injury" coach we can hire?

As for McCray... He can be something special! Like if these special people had a team! A team os good as Osgood was on special teams! Osgood didn't catch no touchdowns! Just like McCray shouldn't have to knock them away!

Sterling Moore is my favorite safety on the roster! He reminds me of a young Welker or Amendola in the sense that he lingers around... practice squad... cut.... active roster... cut... you get the idea. Like the above, he makes plays when his # is called but can't find a "home". Hopefully he can find one in Dallas!

Free Agents:

Given Dallas' cap issues this off-season I can't see us throwing money to any of the top FA Safeties... No to the following - Byrd, Goldson, Moore, Delmas, Rhodes, Phillips, Landry, Reed, or Barber.... (unless one of them wants to take less to play for the 2014 Champs!)

Former 49er great Taylor Mays does intrigue me! Given the right price I'd sign him to play on run situations and run situation only! I'd have McCray teach him some things about being special as well. I'd also have Roy L team him how the horse-collar to go along with his helmet launcher! But in all seriousness I think he'd be a great fit if he's used correctly. And he'd be pretty cheap! Good looking and cheap!? Something must be wrong.....

2013 Draft:

As for the draft.... I'm not wiling to pick a Safety with our 1st 3 picks... That should be reserved for the O-line and D-line! Personally I'd want Lester later on... Guy is a true ballhawk! And don't get me started on my man-crush... he's sweet like Honey! I hope Jerry likes honey too... that would be my dream come true! Honey is also 5th round cheap! Cheap being one of the main things in this post apparently...

Now for my crazy idea!

Scouting Report says:

Smart, alert player… Has the lateral agility and redirection skills to flip his hips and redirect to the play with no wasted motion … Breaks to the ball in an instant once he locates it, showing suddenness and good urgency to make plays in front of him …Vocal team leader who plays with good aggression, not hesitating to stick his hat into the pile in attempts to plug the rush lanes... Uses his hands effectively to press and his ability to reroute tight ends and backs... Has the ability to get a good jump on the ball playing in the zone and close on the underneath receivers in a hurry …

Sounds perfect to play Safety in our new Dallas-2. And guess what!? He actually played FS for Monte Kiffin!!!! (I can literally see wheels turning faster in your head... yes... you... yup) This was his rookie year in 2007 and he was 22 then... which currently makes him 28 years young. In his 4 years in the NFL he has 10 interceptions. And guess what again!? He will probably be available for us to sign! (Probably?) yes probably! And guess what again again!? He'll be cheaper than any of those FA names I listed above.. most likely cheaper than Mays! (How is this possible!?) Well I'm glad you asked! This is all possible because of.... MARIJUANA!!!! Let me explain..

His name is Tanard Jackson and he used to be an Orange Man... never mind... the reason why he'd cost nothing to add to our team is because he's been suspended for the past year.... actually this is the second time he's been suspended for weed... BUT he could potentially be back for pre-season! Enough time for a "veteran" who has been in this system before to get back on that bicycle!!!! He's really really low risk with really really high reward. We could get rid of Sensabaugh... save $3 million and add Jackson as our new "veteran" to teach church/johnson/moore the ropes... (not those ropes!!! give him a 3rd break!!!) For those of you scared he'll influence our youth to do bad things I have a simple solution! Room him with Church! Oh God he'll be on his best behavior!

I said this was a crazy idea ok so it's not like I didn't warn you!

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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