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Next Question!

The offseason is definitely in full swing (oxymoron?) and we're going to be spending the next several months paying a lot of lip service and keystrokes to very little activity. It's part of what makes the NFL so great; the regular season lasts for four months, the playoffs one; yet we spend the other seven months discussing the trek to the next four-month window day in and day out. Sure, there are going to be some lulls in the action, but for serious NFL football fans, there really isn't much of an offseason.

As such, I'm going to open back up the the floor to you, the sole reason we are here at BTB and so successful. The commenters, lurkers and fanposters are really what drive this community and give us front-pagers the opportunity to regularly discuss what is on our minds in regards to America's Team. For the third year in a row, we're giving the microphone to the studio audience.

A lot of times, we aren't able to fully answer questions asked in the comments in a detailed manner. This will give you the opporunity to ask those questions that have been bugging you. Whether it be our opinions on a subject or some in depth research you'd like to know the answer to, Dave, O.C.C., rabble, Tom, Archie, Coty and I will put ourselves at your disposal to help you understand whatever it is that comes to mind

Here are some examples of previous 'Ask BTB' forays:

As you can see, we cover all sorts of topics of various length. That's just a small sample of some of the things we've touched on over the last two offseasons.

So what do you have for us this year? Ask away! We might answer your question in one of the articles, or I might even tackle some in one of my videos or podcasts. You can send us the questions in a variety of formats.

  1. Ask in the comment section of this, or any, "Ask BTB" article. Please make sure you make a new comment and use the subject header "Ask BTB".
  2. Ask us on Twitter. Go follow @BloggingTheBoys and if your question is less than 140 characters, use hashtag '#AskBTB' and I'll add it to the docket.
  3. Send an Email. If you have a lengthy question, or if your one of our 10's of thousands of lurkers that prefers to remain non-public, just send an email to me at with the subject "Ask BTB".

We look forward to hearing from you!

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