Trade Proposal: Dallas Cowboys Trade DeMarcus Ware to New England

The Cowboys still will not have enough cap room after expected cuts. The solution is to trade somebody and that somebody is DeMarcus Ware.

There is a lot of talk about trading on BTB. Most of it relies on trading down for extra draft picks.

However, one recent discussion about free agency netted this gem from OCC:

You don't trade draft picks to the New England Patriots for veteran players.

I might have paraphrased some parts of the quote, but the meaning of the quote is still there.

This was in reference to the 2010 trade that brought Randy Moss back to the Minnesota Vikings. In exchange, the New England Patriots received the Vikings third round draft pick in 2011. The reason for this lesson is sort of tongue in cheek. The Vikings really didn't see much into the return of Moss. He was soon dismissed from the team, and it led to the Vikings firing Head Coach Brad Childress. Meanwhile New England used the pick on Quarterback Ryan Mallett.

The Proposal

What I propose is that the Dallas Cowboys make a trade to the New England Patriots. This would help the Cowboys get under the cap while getting a player in return. In this case, I would trade away DeMarcus Ware. Yes I realize what he means to the Cowboys, but some moves have to be made when the team is over the cap at $143,073,082 Million. A trade with any team would reduce our 2013 commitments to $130,852,332. The Cap is scheduled to be targeted at $121 million for 2013 with a $106,480,000 Salary floor. This the new salary floor amounts to 88.8% of the salary cap. There is a detailed explanation over at SB Nation's NFL site.

There are a few reasons why I picked the New England Patriots for the trade. First, New England is right around that salary floor and this means that the Patriots need to be spenders this free agency period. Second, the Pats need help on defense and they only have five draft picks in late April. What I am proposing is that we would give up DeMarcus Ware and get Ryan Mallett and a 2014 2nd or 3rd round draft pick in return.

Mallett has been an exclusive backup in the Patriots offense since he was drafted. Trading him to the Cowboys would allow for him to compete for the starting job. Given where we are at, this, at the very least would make Tony Romo a better player.

In the end, we don't need to give Romo an extension, and we can learn from other teams as to what happens when purely above average quarterbacks are given one. They intend to help their team implode. Just ask the Washington Redskins about Donovan McNabb or the New York Jets about Mark Sanchez. Both were signed to guarenteed contracts that hurt their teams cap room. If we need to sign Tony to an extension, make sure it is a small and incentive laden one after the season starts.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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