Mock 2.0 and Free Agent Class

Crazy offseason for the Dallas Cowboys with all the coaching staff. You can find my Mock 1.0 Here and I am moving on to my Mock 2.0. I am including Free Agents in here to get an idea of needs. Of course this is after Stephen Jones does is magic and restructure and cut people to get us below cap room.


Free, Vickers, Sensabaugh, Jay Ratliff, Big Mac

Free Agents signees:

1. Anthony Spencer- This is our Big free agent and will fill up our DE need. I believe he will shine in this system under Kiffen.

2. Mike DeVito DL.- I know, he is sadly from the Jets but he has great work ethic. Strong practice player and is a very underrated free agent. He a versatile on the like and I believe our coaching staff can help him succeed.

3. Danny McCray- Only for and Only for Special Teams.

4. Sterling Moore- I think this is a good resign because he played well for us and could play safety and CB.

5. Phil Costa- With a need a Center and he played well for that one game but still has not proven he could play. I give him a 1 Year deal and if he can stay healthy, than we can evaluate his skillset.

6. L.P Ladoucuer- Best Long snapper in the league. He earned his money,

7. John Phillips- I see him coming in as a blocking TE and Hanna being our WR threat.

After that free agency, we filled our needs at DE, DT(DE), Center, TE, CB/Safety. Now it is time for my draft scenario after free agency.

Round 1 18th Pick:

Trade back with Bengals 21 for their 3rd.

Needs: Guard, Tackle, Safety, RB, LB, DT

21th pick:

Selection: Jonathan Cooper

With Chance Warmack available at 18, he is not versatile like Cooper. Cooper has the ability to play center and guard. He fits our system better than Warmack.
Round 2 47th pick: Needs: Tackle, Safety, RB, LB, DT

Selection: Sylvester Williams

With the Mike DeVito sign, we still can a 3 tech to rush the passer. I think this guy can just do that.

Round 3

80th pick

Needs: Tackle, Safety, RB, LB

Selection: Johnathen Cyprien Safety

With Matt Johnson has not played a lot of snaps and is a mystery if he pans out or not, I think Cyprien is a good fit. He has the athletic ability of the Texas safety. This can add depth to our safety position.

84th pick

Needs: Tackle, RB, LB

Selection: D.J Fluker OT

Doug Free has a very good chance of being cut for cap casualties and that leaves us with Parnell and Fluker. Parnell has shown he can play but he needs some competition at the RT spot. This guy can be an instant starter.

Round 4

111th pick

Needs: RB, LB

Selection: Stephen Taylor

This would be a nice pickup in the 4th if he falls. This would give a nice complement to Murray. He can carry the load if Murray is injured.

Round 5

144th pick

Needs: LB

Selection: Jonathan Bostic ILB

Could develop this guy to be a good SAM LB and could be starting in a few years.

Round 6

175th pick

Selection: Lonnie Pryor FB

Vickers has great locker room presense but his blocking is not where we were expecting. Pryor is an all around FB and can block and recieve. This only gives us another starter in this draft.

We can find a gem in the late rounds with Pryor and most importantly give us 3-4 quality starters. This draft would make me go crazy and free agency. They fill the their holes and filled their team with depth. Please comment on this draft to see where your opinions are at.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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