Draftek Tiers

I recently took a look at the top 200 board for Draftek and wanted to see if there were any big gaps at specific positions.

Defensive Tackle

I included both 4-3 and 3-4 tackles to make sure I didn’t miss a possible 1 technique. On this list Lotulelei and Hankins are both ranked in the single digits. After that, Sheldon Richardson is 13th. If he makes it to 18, I don’t see the Cowboys taking anyone else. The next best non 3-4 guy (I’m skipping over Jenkins and Williams) is Floyd at 35, Sylvester Williams at 47, and Short at 66. The Cowboys will really be rolling the dice on one of these guys making it to their second round pick at 47. Once you get past Short, you have to go all the way to Spence at 97. In other words, there would probably be no starter help for the interior DL in 2013.

Defensive End

The out of reach guys are Werner, Moore, and probably Jordan (11th rated). I didn’t really look at Mingo or Jordan because they just don’t have the size for DE. Datone Jones is 23rd and the first DE around pick 18. You’ve also got Montgomery (26) and Ansah (38) who won’t be around by Cowboys pick 47. DE has a lot of depth on this list with 12 more listed from 77 (Carradine) to 190 (Eric Martin). Carradine would fit the Cowboys trend of taking injured players and I’d love him to be there when pick 80 comes around. I could see Ansah or Jones picked in the first (especially if moving back a few picks), otherwise a late draft pick could be in order for DE.


Vaccaro is the only safety given a first round slot at 16. Reid (43) or Elam (48) could be second round possibilities, and there are plenty of options in the 3rd (Shawn Williams, Cyprien, Jefferson). There are also plenty of late round options at safety too (Rambo, Lester, McDonald, and our favorites Swearinger (135) and Duke Williams (181).

Offensive Tackle

Joeckel and Fisher are rated 1 and 7, so they are out. Lane Johnson slots well at 24 and Fluker is listed at 32 and could be a trade back target. After that there is a big drop to Pugh (62), Aboushi (63), Faulk (70), and Brennan Williams (86). Favorites Dallas Thomas and Menelik Watson come in at 120 and 134 respectively. There isn’t much late depth at OT according to this board. Johnson at 18 is a possibility, otherwise maybe something in round 4. I think they roll with Parnell/Free/FA here unless value falls into their lap.

Offensive Guard and Center

Warmack ranks 10th and many would be disappointed if he was available at 18 and the Cowboys didn’t take him. I just wonder if the difference is enough to draft Warmack instead of waiting for Cooper (27), Barrett Jones (39), Warford (52), or Frederick (61) in the 2nd or 3rd round? This is one position where guys actually do fall in the draft to later than expected picks. Other than maybe Bailey at 98 or Schwenke at 111, everyone else would just be a developmental pick. I do hope for some interior line help, but I don’t think it will happen until round 2 or 3. This draft just begs for a trade back to get another 3rd. Here’s hoping a QB someone wants is just sitting there at pick 18…

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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