Madden 08

Taking a break from all the mock drafts and have some fun!


So it's the offseason... just in time to blow the dust off my PS2 and start my franchise with the Cowboys! I've always been curious if I am the only Cowboy fan in the world to play Madden the way I do.... So without further a typing I will show you what I mean.

Before I started a new franchise it hit me one day where all of our great ideas come from.. the throne.... "I should start a new franchise with ONLY players drafted by the cowboys via NFL draft or UDFA. Here's what my roster looked like to start the 2007 season.


1. Tony Romo 2. Chad Hutchinson


1. Julius Jones 2. Tyson Thompson 3. Woody Dantzler (CAP)


1. Marion Barber (changed his position)


1. Antonio Bryant 2. Miles Austin 3. Patrick Crayton 4. Sam Hurd


1. Jason Witten 2. Anthony Fasano


1. Flozell Adams 2. Doug Free 3. James Marten 4.Rob Petitti


1. Larry Allen 2. Andre Guroude 3. Justin Rogers 4. Kurt Vollers


1. Matt Lehr 2. Al Johnson


1. DeMarcus Ware 2. Greg Ellis 3. Anthony Spencer 4. Jason Hatcher 5. Ebenezer Ekuban


1. Marcus Spears 2. Jay Ratliff 3. Chris Canty 4. Michael Myers 5. Stephen Bowen


1. Dexter Coakley 2. Kevin Burnett 3. Bobby Carpenter 4. Randall Godfrey


1. Dat Nguyen (CAP) 2. Bradie James


1. Terrance Newman 2. Derek Ross (CAP) 3. Alan Ball (CAP) 4. Jaquez Reeves


1. Roy Williams 2. Isaiah Stanback (changed position FS) 3. Abram Elam 4. Omar Stoutmire


Billy Cundiff


Matt McBiar


Woody Dantzler (CAP)

So I go through the season trying to get all of the starters to the pro bowl (linebackers are the hardest to get). I play 4 minute quarters on rookie with injuries off. After the season is done I go ahead and draft how the cowboys drafted... For example I would draft Felix Jones, Mike Jenkins, Orlando Scandrick, etc....

You can draft players that look like them, then change their name/height/weight/college after. Then I play the season with the adjusted depth chart and do the same thing over again. This takes a while... about a game a day.... the offseason mode taking a good 3 hours....

I want to know... am I crazy or do some of you guys do this as well???

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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