Mo Draft Blues

This is my pre-combine, pre-free agency fantasy mock draft.

It's not likely, but it's possible....

1.Kansas City Chiefs

We know Andy Reid likes his QB's, but he does'nt see 1 worth the first pick in the draft. And he prefers 2nd or 3rd

rounders that he can coach up. With the cost to move up to the first spot being so high, and no player worth it, the

Chiefs stand pat and take the consensus #1 player

Luke Joeckel | 6'5, 310 pounds | Offensive tackle | Texas A&M

2.Jacksonville Jaguars

On the clock, the consensus #2 player, and bonus, position of need the Jags can't resist

Bjoern Werner | 6'4, 272 pounds | Defensive end | Florida State

3.Aizona Cardinals

The swiss cheese Raiders have way to many holes and way to few draft picks, they shop the hell out of this pick. The

best they can do is Arizona offering their 2nd pick #38. Why would they move up, to get the best QB? Nope, they

already have 4. Why do they have 4 QB's? Because they have a terrible O-line. They wanted Luke Joeckel, but KC

wanted to much for the trade.The Raiders get picks 7, 38, and 100. Why not wait for him to drop lower? Philly drafts

next and we know how porous their line is, so pull the trigger and take

Eric Fisher | 6'8, 305 pounds | Offensive tackle | Central Michigan

4.Philadelphia Eagles

With the 2 best tackles gone, and Philly switching to a 3-4, they decide to go defense. The 3-4 needs a beast in the

middle so the Eagles take

Star Lotulelei | 6'4, 320 pounds | Defensive tackle | Utah

5.Detroit Lions

With Cliff Avril likely gone the Lions will need a new stud at DE, hello

Damontre Moore | 6'4, 250 pounds | Defensive end | Texas A&M

6.Cleveland Browns

The Browns spent a first round pick on QB last year, with no 2nd round pick this year, I doubt they waist this pick on a

QB that might be marginally better than Weeden, so instead they go with a pass rusher

Jarvis Jones | 6'3, 241 pounds | Outside linebacker | Georgia

7.Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Raiders only got 1 pick for their first move so they go shopping again and low and behold #1 CB is left on the board.

Who needs him? The worst ranked pass defense in the league after shipping out Talib, it's Tampa, they offer picks 13,

73, and 140, which is to much for the Raiders to resist. Why do they offer so much you ask, they are still stinging from

us jumping them last year and stealing Mo C. They make sure they get their CB this year

Dee Milliner | 6'1, 196 pounds | Cornerback | Alabama

8.Buffalo Bills

Tarvaris Jackson and Ryan Fitzpatrick are reported to have an open competition for the starting QB spot, which sounds

to me like they are not sold on either, with Geno still on the board might as well make it a 3 way comp.

Geno Smith | 6'3, 214 pounds | Quarterback | West Virginia

9.New York Jets

With all of the rumors floating around about the new GM trying to trade this player and that player, it's hard to get a

feeling, so we will guess pass rusher. and the J E T S take

Barkevious Mingo | 6'5, 240 pounds | Outside linebacker/Defensive end | LSU

10.Tennessee Titans

The Titans need a few different positions, guard, to early at 10, safety, maybe, DE, the best will definitely be gone by

their next pick, so give the new D-coordinator a tall DE

Dion Jordan | 6'6, 243 pounds | Defensive end | Oregon

11.San Diego Chargers

Need meets value

Sheldon Richardson | 6'4, 295 pounds | Defensive tackle | Missouri

12.Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins are rumored to be going for Greg Jennings, but with nothing set in stone yet they take a big target for


Keenan Allen | 6'3, 206 pounds | Wide receiver | California

13.Oakland Raiders

Time to stop shopping and spend a pick

Ezekiel Ansah | 6'6, 270 pounds | Defensive end | BYU

14.Carolina Panthers

Carolina Panther fans don't need numbers to tell them what they witnessed game after game: the middle of the DL has

to be upgraded

Shariff Floyd | 6'3, 305 pounds | Defensive tackle | Florida

15.New Orleans Saints

Rob Ryan's 5 minutes (closer to 5 weeks) ended with him landing with the historicaly worst defense ever. well it can't

get any worse, start by taking a big fast man coverage CB enter

Xavier Rhodes | 6'2, 209 pounds | Cornerback | Florida State

16.St. Louis Rams

The Rams have multiple picks in this round, with the first WR gone, they don't risk it and grab

Cordarrelle Patterson | 6'3, 205 pounds | Wide receiver | Tennessee

17.Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers are in the market for another starting inside linebacker. They drafted Sean Spence last year but he's still

rehabbing from a difficult knee injury with full recovery uncertain. Veteran Larry Foote getting old and mulling retirement.

They go with

Kevin Minter | 6'2, 242 pounds | Middle linebacker | LSU

18.San Francisco 49ers

The best OG and the best safety still on the board, I can picture it now, Jerry starts,"Eenie, meenie, miney".....and the

phone rings. It's the 49ers, they want to give us some gold. Jerry says,"No thanks we want this pick" They really want

this pick, something about being a safety away from winning a super bowl. Well then they'll have to give us some extra

gold. We get 31, 61, and 150. The points favor us but the 49ers have very few holes and plenty of extra picks

Kenny Vaccaro | 6'1, 215 pounds | Safety | Texas

19.New York Giants

The G-men need to replace recently released DT Chris Canty, Hankins should do just fine

Johnathan Hankins | 6'4, 317 pounds | Defensive tackle | Ohio State

20.Chicago Bears

Da Bears need O-line help but they also need a future replacement for Brian Urlacher, the drop off at middle linebacker

is far steeper than the drop at o-line, so they go with

Arthur Brown | 6'1, 228 pounds | Middle linebacker | Kansas State

21.New England Patriots

I know what your thinking, the Pats trading up, never, well they started doing it last year, with Wes Welker probably

gone, Belichecks love of swiss army knives. They trade up for Tavon now to jump the Vikes getting their next Percy

Harvin. And to really mix it up they give Cincy a next years 2nd pick

Tavon Austin | 5'9, 174 pounds | Wide receiver | West Virginia

22.St. Louis Rams

Rams got a weapon for Bradford earlier now they get him a shield

Chance Warmack | 6'3, 320 pounds | Guard | Alabama

23.Minnesota Vikings

The Vikes have pro bowl mvp at TE, league mvp at RB, they need a WR, with Percy being such an unreliable option,

they draft

Terrance Williams | 6'3, 205 pounds | Wide receiver | Baylor

24.Indianapolis Colts

Last year they drafted best rookie QB in a decade, if they don't want to have to replace him next year, they need to

protect him

Lane Johnson | 6'7, 303 pounds | Offensive tackle | Oklahoma

25.Seattle Seahawks

Is 25 to early to draft the freak, Pete Carroll has a habit of jumping early, he took Bruce Irvin at 15 last year, and

everyone said that was to early

Margus Hunt | 6'8, 295 pounds | Defensive end | SMU

26.Green Bay Packers

The Packs defense failed to impress last year,

Datone Jones | 6'4, 275 pounds | Defensive end | UCLA

27.Houston Texans

As if the Texans need more defense? Well they are gonna have to face Luck twice a year so they nrrd someone to pair

up oposite Johnathan Joseph, yup Jonathan and Jonathan, thats J.J. on the line and J.J. in the backfield

Johnathan Banks | 6'2, 185 pounds | Cornerback | Mississippi State

28.Denver Broncos

The Broncos lost in the playoffs thanks to less than stellar pass coverage

Jordan Poyer | 6'0, 190 pounds | Cornerback | Oregon State

29.Cincinnati Bengals +Pats next year 2nd

Biggest need safety, 49ers jumped ahead for Vaccaro, so Cinci traded back and it pays off with the 2nd best safety and

an extra pick next year

Matt Elam | 5'10, 206 pounds | Safety | Florida

30.Atlanta Falcons

Tony retired, did anyone not see this pick comming

Zach Ertz | 6'6, 249 pounds | Tight end | Stanford

31.Miami Dolphins

The best way to beat Tom Brady is with presure and the Phins need a bookend to pair up opposite Cameron Wake, they

have extra picks, so they trade up, giving the Boys pick 42 and 82

Sam Montgomery | 6'5, 260 pounds | Defensive end | LSU

32.Baltimore Ravens

Ray Lewis retires, and in walks

Manti Te'o | 6'2, 255 pounds | Middle linebacker | Notre Dame

33.Jacksonville Jaguars

D.J. Fluker | 6'6, 335 pounds | Offensive tackle | Alabama

34.Kansas City Chiefs

Matt Barkley | 6'2, 230 pounds | Quarterback | Southern California

35.Philadelphia Eagles

Khaseem Greene | 6'1, 220 pounds | Outside linebacker | Rutgers

36.Detroit Lions

Eric Reid | 6'2, 208 pounds | Safety | LSU

37.Cincinnati Bengals

Alec Ogletree | 6'3, 232 pounds | Middle linebacker | Georgia

38.Oakland Raiders

John Jenkins | 6'3, 351 pounds | Defensive tackle | Georgia

39.New York Jets

Oday Aboushi | 6'6, 310 pounds | Offensive tackle | Virginia

40.Tennessee Titans

Jonathan Cooper | 6'3, 310 pounds | Guard | North Carolina

41.Buffalo Bills

DeAndre Hopkins | 6'1, 200 pounds | Wide receiver | Clemson

42.Dallas Cowboys + 61, 77

Larry Warford | 6'3, 333 pounds | Guard | Kentucky

43.Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Jesse Williams | 6'4, 320 pounds | Defensive tackle | Alabama

44.Carolina Panthers

Robert Woods | 6'1, 190 pounds | Wide receiver | Southern California

45.San Diego Chargers

Desmond Trufant | 6'0, 185 pounds | Cornerback | Washington

46.St. Louis Rams

Chase Thomas | 6'3, 240 pounds | Outside linebacker | Stanford

47.Dallas Cowboys

Kawann Short | 6'3, 310 pounds | Defensive tackle | Purdue

48.Pittsburgh Steelers

Eddie Lacy | 6'0, 220 pounds | Running back | Alabama

49.New York Giants

Alec Ogletree | 6'3, 232 pounds | Middle linebacker | Georgia

50.Chicago Bears

Justin Pugh | 6'5, 292 pounds | Offensive tackle | Syracuse

51.Washington Redskins

Tyler Eifert | 6'6, 251 pounds | Tight end | Notre Dame

52.Minnesota Vikings

Barrett Jones | 6'5, 302 pounds | Center | Alabama

53.Cincinnati Bengals

Alex Okafor | 6'4, 260 pounds | Defensive end | Texas

54.Miami Dolphins

Logan Ryan | 6'0, 190 pounds | Cornerback | Rutgers

55.Green Bay Packers

Travis Frederick | 6'4, 338 pounds | Center | Wisconsin

56.Seattle Seahawks

Sylvester Williams | 6'3, 320 pounds | Defensive tackle | North Carolina

57.Houston Texans

Justin Hunter | 6'4, 200 pounds | Wide receiver | Tennessee

58.Denver Broncos

Phillip Thomas | 6'1, 215 pounds | Safety | Fresno State

59.New England Patriots

Cornelius Carradine | 6'5, 265 pounds | Defensive end | Florida State

60.Atlanta Falcons

Giovani Bernard | 5'10, 205 pounds | Running back | North Carolina

61.Dallas Cowboys

Jonathan Cyprien | 6'0, 210 pounds | Safety | Florida International

62.Baltimore Ravens

Menelik Watson | 6'6, 320 pounds | Offensive tackle | Florida State

80.William Gholston | 6'7, 275 pounds | Defensive end | Michigan State

82.Dallas Thomas | 6'5, 300 pounds | Offensive tackle | Tennessee

111.Brian Schwenke | 6'4, 300 pounds | Center | California

144.Joseph Randle | 6'1, 200 pounds | Running back | Oklahoma State

150.A.J. Klein | 6'2, 248 pounds | Middle linebacker | Iowa State

175.Aaron Mellette | 6'4, 220 pounds | Wide receiver | Elon

So what do you think?

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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