Fan poll: Assessing Garrett - how much rope should he get?

Across the site, and the internet (, there are polararised views on the Red-Headed Genius. 4000 voters on WFAA said he should follow Ryan out the door, but its stuff like that that always brings me back to BTB for a more informed debate.

So I'm curious, where does the BTB fanbase stand on Garrett?

Before I put the poll up, let me say I am a fan of patience and continuity and believe a coach needs time to shape his roster and particularly the team culture. I am also a fan of JG but have to admit to my confidence being a little shaken by some aspects of their play this season (penalties, clock management) even though the "never give up" spirit was admirable.

The table below shows how long it takes a HC to win his first SuperBowl with a team, which I have shown before. There is an argument about cause-and-effect as most NFL HC's don't last longer than 5 years if they don't win a SB. Also note, most of the 1-2 year winning coaches inherited a winning team e.g. Gruden, Siefert, Switzer.

But it is clear, Garrett is still in that prime Superbowl winning statistical window - and arguably should get at least 1 more year after the next (not counting the half-year, which I think is fair given he didn't get a proper off-season). The 2 Harbaugh's fit the profile with John at 5 years and Jim at 2.



I would also point out a few cases where patience was a virtue:

  • Chuck Noll: 12 - 30 over first 3 years, before going 11-3 and becoming the only HC to win 4 SB's
  • Jon Gruden: 16 - 16 then 22 -10 and 2 playoff appearances
  • Sean Payton: went 10 - 6 in yr 1 before going 15-17 in next 2 seasons on route to a SB win in yr 4.
  • And of course the legendary Tom Landry: went 4 - 20 in first 2 years, then 21-43-2 over next 4, before 10 wins and playoffs in yr 7. Now given it was an expansion team, you have to cut him som slack for those first 2 years, but I doubt he would have survived those next 4 in today's NFL environment. And the Cowboys may never have been what they are now...

Now for all you Garrett haters out there, the fact is Garrett is going to be HC next year, so I haven't provided an option to say fire him now. But I presume even you will be satisfied if the team finishes World Champs next season?

So cast your ballots....


Ed: And as a final postscript, summarising the poll results:

Just over a quarter of BTB fansare Garrett "believers", giving him time as long as the team is showing progress without being overly concerned about the record.

However, a clear majority (60%+) need to see progress reflected in the record and a small proportion (8%) are non-believers who need to see the team at the SB to let JG continue...

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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