BTB Mailbag: 10 Prospects In The 2013 NFL Draft Who Are Fits For The Cowboys

Would Chance be a great fit in Dallas? - USA TODAY Sports

The BTB Mailbag continues with a question about 10 possible prospects who would fit well with the Dallas Cowboys.

Question: "If you were to do a " best fits" article for possible draftees whom would fit well on this roster, Who would your top 10 prospects be and why (regardless of draft projection)?" -Rev. Trueblue

This is a great question because it allows us to open up the playing field and take a look at some players who would be great fits for the Dallas Cowboys. I could easily extend this list to about 20 players, but for this post we are going to stick to the 10 players who, in my opinion, would be great fits for the Cowboys. This is all hypothetical, so let's leave draft status at the door and just have fun seeing who would come to Dallas and make a big impact at their position.

Chance Warmack

The Cowboys were very high on Mike Iupati back in 2010, so I believe they will be high on Warmack because he may be the best guard prospect in years.

Some of us really wanted the Cowboys to get David DeCastro last year, but Warmack could erase the memories of not landing an elite offensive guard. Warmack would not only open up holes in the running game, he should solidify his side of the line. If he's available at 18, the Cowboys should hand in their card and call it a night because they will have landed one of the best players in the draft.

Sheldon Richardson

This draft should come down to offensive line versus defensive line, that's where the Cowboys have the biggest holes. Richardson reminds me a lot of Fletcher Cox and I do see some Jay Ratliff in his game. Richardson would be the 3-technique defensive tackle that Monte Kiffin needs in his "Dallas-2" 4-3 defense. He may not be Warren Sapp, but Richardson has the disruption and pass rushing ability to be a force on the line.

Eric Fisher

Doug Free has become one of the worst right tackles in football and Jeremy Parnell may be nothing more than a swing tackle. It may sting to invest another draft pick and more money on the tackle position, but bringing in a talented tackle like Fisher would solve the bookends on the offensive line for a very long time. Fisher may come from a small school, but his talent is off the charts and he could be one of the best players in the 2013 draft class.

Jonathan Cooper

Cooper is an athletic guard that would bring the athleticism and quickness that the Cowboys really don't have at the guard position. His ability to get into the second level and clear out defenders would really open up the Cowboys' running game. The Cowboys seem to look for versatility in their players and Cooper can play either guard position and he could play some center. He may not be an exciting pick, but Cooper would be a perfect fit for the Cowboys and their poor offensive line play.

Lane Johnson

If it were to happen, Tyron Smith and Lane Johnson would quite possibly be the most athletic tackle tandem in the NFL. After playing quarterback and tight end, Johnson is still learning the offensive tackle position, but he's one of the best athletes in this draft. Drafting an offensive tackle won't be popular, but a player like Johnson can come in and instantly solve the questions we have at right tackle.

Larry Warford

Warford is the type of mean, physical and powerful guard that the Cowboys should really like in the draft. The offensive line needs a lot of help and Warford could come in and be the physical force we need to jump start the running game again. Because of his size and strength, he's the perfect fit for the Cowboys. His experience from playing in the SEC against some of the best competition in the nation really prepared him for the next level.

Alec Ogletree

Even though he has character concerns, Ogletree would be a great fit for the Cowboys' defense. His quickness and sideline to sideline speed separate him from the other linebackers in this draft. Ogletree has a physical element to his game that I would love to see in Dallas. The Cowboys love their linebackers and Kiffin loves speed, so if they can determine that Ogletree's off-the-field issues aren't a concern, then he would join Sean Lee and Bruce Carter as the most athletic linebacker core in football.

Jonathan Cyprien

The 2013 NFL Draft offers the best safety class we've seen in a very long time. Safety continues to be one of the hardest positions to fill on an NFL roster. The Cowboys have had issues at safety for a long time and they need to add more talent to the roster. Barry Church and Matt Johnson offer some hope, but their injury history is a major concern. Cyprien possesses the coverage, ball skills and thumping ability that Monte Kiffin should love.

Tavon Austin

Wide receiver may not seem like a need, but it's a position that you need a lot of depth. Miles Austin continues to struggle with injuries and even though Dwayne Harris is making strides, the Cowboys need another weapon at receiver. Tavon Austin, who I believe is similar to Percy Harvin, can become a game changer who lines up all over the field. Dez Bryant, Miles Austin, Dwayne Harris, Jason Witten and Tavon Austin would be a very dangerous offense that could offer a variety of nightmares for defensive coordinators.

Eddie Lacy

While the Cowboys may be looking for more of a waterbug type of running back like Andre Ellington or Kenjon Barner, Lacy would be a force with DeMarco Murray. His combination of speed and power would bring more firepower to the backfield. The Cowboys need to get their running game going, and that starts with the offensive line, but you can never have too many running backs in the NFL.

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