Mock Off-season

Dallas is going to make some decisions on players that are aging and under-performing. Lets start by releasing some players.

Released: Bernadeau, Orton, Ratliff, and Sensabaugh. Your really only releasing 2 starters, 1 player who only saw a handful of snaps, and 1 player who was injured much of the year.

Free Agency: Dallas really can't afford to be to active in Free Agency but with the players released and the restructuring of Romo, Austin, Ware, and Carr they can afford a few players. While Dallas can't sign any major players they can sign a couple of players on defense who can improve the team right away.

Roy Miller, formally of the Buccaneers. He offers nothing as a pass rusher but is very good against the run. On run downs he would allow Hatcher to shift outside to replace Ware and offer a big D-line.

Glover Quin, formally of the Texans. He's a converted corner who is a good cover guy. He's not elite but is better then Sensabaugh.

Where Dallas can really add talent is through the draft and they have been doing much better in recent years and the struggles of the late 90's and early 00's.

1st round 18th overall. D.J. Fluker, OT, Alabama. Fluker is a very big guy who is also a good athlete. We have to find a way to keep Romo upright and Fluker and Smith are bookends for the next 10 years.

2nd round 47th overall. Arthur Brown, OLB, Kansas St. Dallas has 2 great linebackers in Lee and Carter but really no one else. Brown is a bigger guy who could take the strong side. He's a little of liability in coverage but is very good against the run.

3rd round 80th overall. Montee Ball, RB, Wisconsin. Taking a running back this high is no slight to Murray but someone to take some of the load off him with only Dunbar as a backup. Ball is a tough runner who would really help around the goal line.

4th round 111th overall. Zac Dysert, QB, Miami (Ohio). Romo is still a good QB but he isn't getting any younger and Dysert wouldn't be an immediate starter anyway. He has all the physical tools to develop into a starter in about 2 years.

5th round 144th overall. Chris Harper, WR, Kansas St. He's a big guy at 6-1, 229 lbs. with good hands and good enough speed. With Bryant and Austin Dallas has 2 very good wide receivers but little depth behind them.

6th round 175th overall. Michael Buchanan, DE, Illinois. Outside of Ware Dallas really doesn't have a pass rusher and Buchanan would offer that. He's somewhat raw and wouldn't contribute much else.

Your new starting lineup on offense. LT, Smith, LG, Livings, C, Costa, LG, Free, RT, Fluker.

WR, Bryant, QB, Romo, WR, Austin

FB, Vickers, RB, Murray


DE, Crawford, DT, Hatcher, DT, Miller, DE, Ware

OLB, Brown, ILB, Lee, OLB, Carter

CB, Carr, CB, Claiborne

FS, Quin, SS, Barry

I am confident that this off season would add quality players and make us better in 2013. The 3-4 defense gave us some larger d-lineman who rotate between DE and DT in our new 4-3.

The offensive line has to be retooled but without a lot of money the only new addition is Fluker.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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