State of the Offense

How bad is this Cowboys offense? It's bad. This is the time of year when teams look at how they can improve but then again that's assuming the positions that you don't have holes you have something decent when compared to what other teams have.

What's the term we used to use for the Phillies? Curt Schilling then pray for rain.

You could say the same thing for this offense, Jason Witten and pray for rain. Well, that's really when you have a great starting pitcher and 3 or 4 really bad ones. With the emergence of Dez Bryant you have at least 2 starters on offense that remind you of Cowboy teams of the past, they were almost always great.

I count 17 times that we outscored our opponents by 100 points or more over a full season. 10 were with Tom Landry as head coach. We gave up 24 points more in 2012 which ranks as our 13th worst season ever, out of 52. That's the state of the offense.

Let's blame the Quarterback, in 16 starts Romo had 10 games in which he could not get his offense 25 points or more, worse than any season Danny White ever had. Now approaching 100 career starts he is 56-41, if he starts and wins the next 3 he'll win 59% of his 1st 100 starts, which is worse than Aikman (61), White (63) or Staubach's (75) 1st 100 but a bit better than Dandy Don (49-36-4).

Let's blame the running game, OL, D or ST. Heck lets even blame the coaches, fire the DC and blame the scheme. Let's change the play caller on offense. Whomever takes the blame the result is the same - the team - yes including the offense is not what Meredith, Landry and company built.

Let's talk about Landry for a second... the man knew defense basically invented the 4-3 and 4-3 flex defensive schemes and from 1960-65 won 25 games. It took him 5 years to get his defense to give up less than 300 points in a 14 game season. From 1964-78 he kept his opponents under 300 for 15 straight seasons. We've done it 11 times since, Phillips and Parcells once each and the 6-10 Cowboys who only gave up 314 points in 1997 were the only team between 1992-99 that gave up more that 299 points.

Since then we've done that 2 times.

An 8-8 season is not that bad... it shows promise. the 1965 Cowboys were 7-7 then ran up 20 straight winning seasons including 2 Superbowls, 4 seasons with a 12-4 record and 2 seasons with a 12-2 record. Campo and Switzer were ridden out of town after 6-10 and 8-8 seasons yet Garrett and Landry have had a couple of those too.

Sure we have a great TE in Witten, great defensive studs in Ratliff and Ware, but is Romo as good as Danny White? Is Dez Bryant as good as Tony Hill, Michael Irvin or Drew Pearson? Is Mo Claiborne as good as Everson Walls? 11 INTs in his rookie season compared to Mo's 1? 57 career INT's?

This is an 8-8 team, their record is what they are, but that doesn't mean the organization is not going the right direction... let's be realistic.

The way I see it...

Garrett knows football - he continues to make great personnel decisions, drafts well, develops well etc. What can you say about getting Eberflus to develop Bruce Carter?!

Kiffin and Marinelli - is there a better combination in football for a defense that gave up 400 points? I'm guessing this D gets pretty close to that 300 point mark.

Callahan - becomes the Offensive Co-ordinator full-time and Wes Phillips takes over the OL - he'll be pretty damn good too

Sam LB - could be Albright or Wilber but if we draft one early like Kevin Minter you might see the return of the Doomsday Defense in Dallas

Dallas will dominate once again...

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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