Cowboys Offseason #3

This is my third offseason blueprint for the Cowboys. In my first one, I focused on fixing up the offense with offensive linemen in free agency and using the draft to beef up the defensive line. In my second one, I used free agency to fill defensive holes, and, as you would guess, the draft for mainly offensive based. In my third one, I don't really have that sort of a theme.

***Once again, I must cite KD and rabblerousr for their numerous posts that helped me along

Current Roster Mods

(Projected Cap: -14 million)

1) Extend Tony Romo: Romo is a good quarterback who really is all in for the team. He will follow Ware's example of restructuring a contract and take an extension with the Cowboys, which will save them 8 million dollars. (Cap: -6)

2) Restructure Brandon Carr: Carr is making a TON of money this year, but luckily for the Cowboys, his contract is built to make restructuring him very easy, simple, and rewarding. The Cowboys will save 10 million with his compliance. (Cap; 4 million)

3) Restructure Jason Witten: Jason Witten will comply with a contract restructure in almost any case. His heart is completely set on his team and he will save us 3 million. (Cap: 7)

4) Restructure Doug Free: This move is better than cutting him, because there is no cap penalty and the Cowboys will just pay him less instead. He will most likely take it because the alternative is getting cut and not receiving nearl as much money from another team to sit on the bench. The Cowboys will save 5.3 million. (Cap: 12.3 million.)

5) Cut Dan Connor: He is not worth 3 million dollars and is too slow to be effective in the Tampa 2. (Cap: 15.3 milion)

6) Cut Marcus Spears: Spears had his time in Dallas, but he will no longer start and is very old to provide much pressure up front in a defense that is centered around hurrying the quarterback. The Cowboys save 2 million. (Cap: 17.3 million)

7) Trade Miles Austin to the Miami Dolphins for 4th and 5th round pick: The Cowboys had a good time with Austin, but Austin has become too expensive the be the second option on this defense. Dez Bryant is the new unchallenged No.1 and is much, much cheaper. The Dolphins are in a sore need of receivers, and Austin has the ability to go and be the center of the offense in Miami, or share the spotlight with Mike Wallace. Either way, Miami should be interested and Dallas saves 8.3 million dollars in the process. (Cap: 25. 6 million)

8) Cut Gerald Sensabaugh: Sensi was a contributor, but his age may have caught up with him also. The Cowboys have safeties behind him (Johnson, Church, Moore) and will be adding more this offseason, so Sensabaugh becomes expendable. The Cowboys will want all the free agency money possible and Sensabaugh will grant them another 2 million. (Cap: 27.6 million)

After Roster Mods, the Cowboys have a ton of salary cap space, despite being in "salary cap hell" earlier. This will allow Dallas to be big spenders in free agency and fill many of the roster holes.

Free Agency:

1) Rign RT Andre Smith. Andre Smith is a very good offensive tackle, and despite his airport run in, I am very doubtful that he is the troublemaker type. He will displace Doug Free (thank God), while providing a very good player to man the right side and allow Romo some comfort. Cost: 5.0 million

2) Sign DT Desmond Bryant. This is a controversial move because of Bryant’s recent arrest, but the truth is that Bryant is a good player that deserves to start at DT, and is pretty good at nabbing the passer, evidenced by his 4.5 sacks last year. Him and Jay Ratliff could form a solid duo inside that could play the run well and attack the passer from the interior. Cost: 5.5 million

3) Sign G Louis Vasquez: Vasquez is not an elite guard, but he is one of the better guards of the league. He is solid in ran and pass blocking, and will provide another boost to this offensive line. LT and RT and penciled in now with great players, and RG is fixed with another solid veteran. Center and LG remain the only needs left, and LG is not in too bad of a shape if you ask me with Nate Livings. That leaves just the center position as something to worry about, and Romo will finally have some pocket protection. Cost: 6.0 million

4) Sign Nick Roach. Roach is a very good outside linebacker who is not heralded nearly as much as he should be in the presence of Brian Urlacher and Lance Briggs. He has good speed, can cover, play zone, and knows how to make the tackles. The Cowboys need someone to play the outside linebacker spot, and Roach is a good player who can lock down that position and allow Dallas to go best player available in the draft. Cost: 5.5 million

5) Sign Danny Woodhead. Dallas needs another RB very badly and Danny Woodhead is a good, experienced, and versatile option. He is shifty and is a very good receiver from the backfield, and can even line up as a slot receiver. He is good enough to take 35 percent of the carries and keep Murray healthy, while also providing a quality starter for a couple games. He presents very good value and shouldn’t be too expensive. Cost: 1.5 Million

6) Resign Ernie Sims: Sims will not be a key player or anything, but will be a valuable backup that can start a game or two, and should be very cheap. Cost: 1.0 million

After Free agency, the Cowboys still have 3.1 million left with which to sign rookies, while filling most of the major holes on the roster.


These are the Cowboys default picks in the draft right now:










1) The Cowboys Trade the 47th and 111th overall picks to the Lions for the 36th overall pick

2) The Cowboys trade the 139th, 144th, and 175th picks to the Bills for the 102nd pick

After Transactions, the Cowboys have the following picks:






The Picks:

18. Kenny Vaccaro, S: Kenny Vaccaro is the best safety prospect this year, and Dallas really needs a safety. It is one of the few needs left on the roster, and with the trenches mostly accounted for, they should have no trouble picking a skill position at No. 18. Vaccaro finally brings a playmaker, and a solid hitter to the safety position that Dallas hasn’t had n years. He can play the ball, cover extremely well, play very good in the zone, and is versatile enough to even come down and play nickel corner. Safeties are hard to find, and the Cowboys could secure that position for a decade with this selection. Paired with Matt Johnson, this young playmaking duo could become an asset for Dallas in a couple years.

36. Kawaan Short, DT: Kawaan Short may be the second best pass rushing DT in this draft, behind Sheldon Richardson. Short is fast and disruptive, and has been putting up huge numbers throughout his college career. He will be a second round steal but will not last to pick 40, which is why Dallas would trade up for him. Next to Bryant, Dallas would have a young, powerhouse DT. Short will displace Jay Ratliff and allow him to re-enter the defensive end rotation, where he will be more of a natural. At defensive end, Jay Ratliff will rotate along with Tyrone Crawford, in order to help the development of…

80. William Gholston DE: Gholston has put up good numbers throughout college and has a very high ceiling, however he is raw. If Dallas can use veterans like Jay Ratliff to aid him at DE, Gholston could become a star in a year or two. Gholston also is a bit of an aggressive hothead, and while he will need to learn how to control emotions, Dallas needs a player with a fiery attitude on defense.

102. Khaled Holmes, C: The Cowboys lone need left on the offensive line will be center, and that is where Holmes comes in. Holmes is not an elite prospect, and will never be a star, be he is worth being a solid starter, which is more than the Cowboys have at this point. He will immediately start, and be the finishing piece in building Romo and Murray a stable offensive line and allowing to offense to flow much smoother.

108. Kenny Stills, WR: The Cowboys are lacking depth at WR after the Austin trade, and Stills can be a guy who will help that in the fourth round. Stills has the perfect size to play in the slot, and with a 4.28, has the speed to be a nightmare for defenses. He is also tall enough to start if someone goes down, and can become a key threat for the Cowboys offense from the slot.

Starting Roster:

* "/" indicates a shared role

QB: Tony Romo

FB: Lawrence Vickers

TE1: Jason Witten

TE2: James Hanna

LT: Tyron Smith

LG: Nate Livings

C: Khaled Holmes

RG: Louis Vasquez

RT: Andre Smith

RB1: DeMarco Murray

RB2: Danny Woodhead

WR1: Dez Bryant

WR2: Dwayne Harris

WR3: Kenny Stills

DE: DeMarcus Ware

DT: Desmond Bryant

DT: Kawaan Short

DE: Willam Gholton/Jay Ratliff/Tyrone Crawford

ROLB: Bruce Carter

MLB: Sean Lee

LOLB: Nick Roach

CB: Morris Claiborne

CB: Brandon Carr

S: Matt Johnson/Barry Church

S: Kenny Vaccaro

K: Dan Bailey

P: Chris Jones

PR: Dwanye Harris

KR: Kenny Stills

Considering the above roster, these are my predicted stats:

Romo: 5000 yards, 38 TDs, 9INT

Murray: 1150 yards, 5 TD, 25 rec, 200 yards

Woodhead: 350 yards, 3 TD, 35 rec, 400 yards, 2 TD

Witten: 90 rec, 900 yards, 3 TD

Hanna: 45 rec, 550 yards, 5 TD

Bryant: 100 rec, 1450 yards, 11 TD

Harris: 60 rec, 800 yards, 8 TD

Stills: 50 rec, 600 yards, 5 TD

Ware: 65 tackles, 13.5 sacks, 3 FF

Gholton: 30 tackles, 5.0 sacks

Ratliff: 20 tackles, 1.5 sacks

Crawford: 25 tackles, 2.5 sacks

Bryant: 60 tackles, 3.5 sacks

Short: 35 tackles, 5.5 sacks

Carter: 80 tackles, 2.5 sacks, 5 passes defended, 2 FF, 2 INT

Lee: 135 tackles, 1.0 sacks, 11 passes defended, 3 FF, 3 INT

Roach: 85 tackles, 2.5 sacks, 2 FF, 5 passes defended, 1 INT

Claiborne: 45 tackles, 14 passes defended, 5 INT, 1 TD

Carr: 65 tackles, 12 passes defended, 6 INT, 2 TD

Johnson: 35 tackles, 4 passes defended, 3 INT

Church: 35 tackles, 2 passs defended, 3 INT

Vaccaro: 75 tackles, 9 passes defended, 2 INT

And that would be another dream offseason scenario.

***Since this was made, Jason Wittened has been restructured to clear 3.65 million dollars***

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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