Basic Mock with insight

After spending the evening working out trades and scenarios for what I believe to be a promising draft setup:

I'm going to assume prospects are out of range at 18 (very likely) and go from there.

18, 47, 80, 111, 144, 175

Trade DOWN 18 To Minnesota 23; 83

Trade DOWN 47 to Bengals 53; 115

Trade DOWN 80 to Broncos 90; 122

Trade UP 83; 111; 144 to Ravens 62

23; Sylvester Williams DT

I keep hearing how much the Cowboys are in NEED of a 1tech. Face it, we're not getting anything in FA and we will have to draft at least SOME needs to get this team back on track. Sylvester Williams is big enough and has the motor to play either spot 1tech or 3tech. By trading back with Minnesota, we gain a 3rd rounder and move a bit farther to put sylvester williams in less of a reach spot (granted he's shooting up draft boards quickly and it seems as if Kawaan Short is more and more being eclipsed as a 1st rounder). This move gives us extra picks, as well as fills the need for our new 4-3 D2.

JJ isn't known for picking up Lineman in the first, I expect them to grab a DT.

53; Margus Hunt DE

Perhaps a questionable pick here. Anthony Spencer is FRANCHISED. I do not forsee them negotiating a long-term contract without them seeing at least this year of work and prove that he isn't a 'one-year wonder'. I don't agree with the move, I think they should sign him and fix the cap a bit. I expect good things considering he's done better and better over the years of 'Almost Anthony.'

Margus Hunt gives us not only a huge man (6'8 280), but an insurance policy assuming A) Demarcus Ware starts to wear out more, or god forbid gets injured (as he is prone to lately). But also gives Hunt a year of progression into the league and rotation. or B) Anthony Spencer is not brought back.

62; Phillip Thomas FS

Perhaps my favorite safety in this draft. As safeties are sneaking up more and more in the draft scenarios, I was forced to move up slightly, although even at this spot (end of the 2nd rd) He may not even make it this far.

Although he may seem average due to his Safety Combine Numbers , if you watch his game as well as check out his production, you may be as intrigued in this prospect as I.

90; Brian Winters OG/RT

Brian Winters ProDay NFLdraftScoutwebsite

Really impressive measurables. He fills a need, has position flex (according to the article even as a Center)

The offensive line may be less of a worry for the FO than we believe, but it still needs to be addressed fairly early in the draft.

115; Z Gooden / C Thomas OLB

Drafttek 4-3 OLB Prospects

Gooden has some better measurables from the combine, but didn't play to his ability in college. A bit of a gamble.. but we still have carter and lee..

Thomas is a solid pick, Highlights C. Thomas if nothing else, he can add some depth for the injury prone LBs. Smart, and talented.

122; Taylor (Stan)/ Bell (Mich) RB

With durability issues on DeMarco Murray an issue, we need to pick up a back that can handle the load. Stefan Taylor is definately that guy. Shooting up a bit from the combine is Le'veon bell.

RB Numbers

175; Earl Wolff S

Highly talented Saftey. Good depth considering loss of sensi.


CJ Anderson RB

Combine numbers, seemingly decent stats. I think all this kid needs is a shot.

Vinston Painter OG/RT

Incredible upside, I wouldn't be surprised if he gets picked in the draft 7th round. Proday will mean everything for him.

Duke Williams S

Watching some of his film, he is ALWAYS around the ball. Will need polishing, but he seems promising if he doesn't get drafted.

Nicolas Williams (Samford) DT

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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