Remember Lee Ford?

Over the past week, there have been several references in comments to Lee Ford. For those who are new to BTB, you may wonder, "Who is Lee Ford?"

@thebigham - I know that this is a FanShot, not a FanPost, but I couldn't get all the links to post in the FanShot format. So, I risk your wrath by posting this as a FanPost.

Back in July-August, 2011, the NFL Lockout was ending and everyone was speculating as to the contents of the new agreement. Out of the clear blue, a relatively new member who had only lurked (never posted or commented) posted an authoritative FanPost explaining the new CBA and how Jerry Jones had tricked everyone else into signing off onto an agreement that would give significant benefit to the Cowboys for years to come.

(Almost) all of us were fascinated by the inside information and were excited by the positive news about the benefit the new agreement posed for the Cowboys - much more encouraging than was reported everywhere else in print and online.

His first two posts were among the most rec'd in BTB history. The first chinks in the armor came in skepticism voiced by G_SWAG (former member) and Fan in Thick and Thin (current member).

The tide began to turn in his third and fourth FanPosts as his writing and comments grew more combative and less literate. By the end of the comments on his fourth and final FanPost, he was reduced from savior to charlatan.

The entire series is interesting reading, and as I read through each article and comments, I decided to post links so that others could read or re-read the series.

Often, we turn on members who post contrary views about some aspect of our Cowboys. A little healthy skepticism went a long way in this series. Here are links to Lee Ford's four articles, along with some other related articles:

Reality of the New CBA - the first time any of us had heard of Lee Ford

CBA 2.0 - second post in which he responded to many of the questions and challenges in his first post

Why No Nnamdi - his tone turned more confrontational and adversarial and more began to challenge his claims

So Why Has No One Seen a Copy of the NEW CBA - his final FanPost

In the space of less than a week (Tuesday, July 26, 2011, to Monday, August 1, 2011), Lee Ford went from hero to zero. His last login was on Thursday, August 4, 2011, and he has completely vanished from BTB.

One of his biggest supporters - initially - was Pineywoods (AKA Tom Ryle, now a Front Page Writer). He gave kudos to Lee in this FanPost. A little more skeptical, but optimistic, was this article from KD Drummond.

Five months later, none of us would admit to ever believing anything he said. Read this article to see how far his credibility had fallen.

Remember Lee Ford? I do. I am now older and wiser. He who fails to learn from history is doomed to repeat it.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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